Quip, the workplace productivity company Salesforce acquired for a reported $750 million in August, made an acquisition of its own today. 

Quip bought Unity&Variety, a software company founded in 2015 by Facebook veterans Drew Hamlin, Joey Flynn and Andy Chung. Quip officials said the deal will enhance its creative and visual elements, furthering its mission of creating the next generation of productivity. 

Details of the acquisition were slim beyond that and a short notice on the Unity&Variety website. The three founders noted only they've "been cranking on some new productivity tools" and were "hyped to announce" they'd continue their work at Quip.

About Unity&Variety

Flynn, Hamlin and Chung were at Facebook during Quip CEO Bret Taylor's three-year tenure as chief technology officer, from 2009 to 2012. Unity&Variety's one publicly released app is an iOS game called Pinchworm

Joey Flynn's Facebook page
Joey Flynn's Facebook page

The game's premise: "The love of your life has been snatched up by an evil bird! Jump, dig and inch your way back to get revenge and save your love!"

Benioff Backs Taylor

We're not sure how the game would fit into workplace productivity, but if you ask Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Quip's Taylor knows what he's doing.

"He's one of the absolute rising stars of our industry," Benioff told Business Insider in August after Salesforce's acquisition was announced. "It's been my dream to work more closely with Bret Taylor."

Learning Opportunities

Taylor gave a hint of Quip's plans with a Tweet today:

Taylor was co-creator of Google Maps and is responsible for the “like” button. He founded Quip with Kevin Gibbs, who led engineering and product at Google, and brought Google App Engine to market. He heads up engineering at Quip.

Quip's Salesforce Play

Quip's productivity platform is designed for teams, combining communication and content to enable collaboration within documents or spreadsheets, on phones, tablets, wearables and the desktop. 

Taylor's vision is to make Quip work across all Salesforce clouds and transform it to an all-in-one hub for "living documents" that seamlessly merge documents, spreadsheets, task lists and team chat. Salesforce officials said by mid-2017, they will be able to embed live customer relationship data into their documents and associate their work with a Salesforce record. 

Taylor at last year's Dreamforce emphasized how a team could avoid a deluge of email and focus on using Quip for a more centralized workflow.

The acquisition comes in the same week enterprise collaboration experts predicted a hot 2017 for consolidation in the digital workplace space. Enterprise collaboration provider Atlassian acquired task management vendor Trello this week in a deal valued at $425 million.