Cleveland, Ohio-based enterprise content management specialist OnBase By Hyland is updating its flagship product to digitize processes.

Formerly known as Hyland, the company is focusing on improving the interaction between enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM) and capture capabilities. It is designed to create better, easier and secure content sharing with external teams, support for a wider variety of web browsers, new mobile capture tools, including geolocation-specific capture, and improvements to ensure that it supports Microsoft Office and its productivity applications, the company announced.

The annual release of the OnBase upgrade is always an interesting one in the ECM world because it adopts and adapts to the major trends across the digital content space.

Pulling ECM Together

Last year, OnBase 15 introduced more than 2,000 improvement to the platform and tackled the problems around digital processes and mobile access to data.

This year’s release, OnBase 16, contains more than 3,000 improvements across the platform that are designed to help enterprises manage, the content, processes and cases across the entire information lifecycle.

“OnBase releases are cumulative, which means that all of the enhancements we make continue to improve the platform,” Glen Gibson, director of product marketing at Hyland told CMSWire. “The new releases are important because it keeps us compatible with new technology like Microsoft Office 2016, Outlook, the latest version of SAP and more."

Hyland has tied OnBase to Microsoft Office and Outlook to enable Office and Outlook users to interact with OnBase content, processes and cases using the latest versions of Microsoft’s productivity applications.

Hyland also enhanced the mobile capabilities and access it added last year. “We continued to build upon our mobile framework and introduced additional mobile capture functionality, which captures and cleans content on mobile devices,” he said.

“We’re also able to route content captured through mobile devices through the OnBase Intelligent Capture engine to easily extract data from incoming content.”

Then there is ShareBase, a new file sync and sharing application Hyland introduced earlier this year. In OnBase 16, Hyland has pulled integration between ShareBase and OnBase tighter.

Learning Opportunities

Hyland also added capabilities to capture the geolocation of content from mobile devices. With more information about where content is captured or uploaded, organizations can visually display the information via GIS applications and OnBase reports.

Agility, User Experience

Asked what drove the development of OnBase 16, Gibson told us that Hyland has identified user expectations and agility as two of the biggest problems facing enterprises now.

“Organizations need to be agile. Technology and business is changing at a rate like never before and vendors need to meet the demands and expectations of their users. At same time, have a responsibility to ensure information is securely managed while preventing an explosion of additional applications and information silos,” he said.

To meet these requirements, Gibson points out that there has been a lot of consolidation and acquisition in the content and information management market.  This has led to a blurring of lines between ECM, case management, BPM and capture.

“These technologies are essential to make an end-to-end solution for managing enterprise information. Hyland continues to enhance these capabilities which are available on a single platform, providing the highest configurability and lowest amount of custom code. As a result, organizations realize a lower total cost of operation (TCO),” he said.

It is on the basis of this that Hyland introduced ShareBase.

“Cloud-based EFSS vendors are entering the ECM market through partnerships because the ability to share and collaborate on files is a part of digitized business processes. Introducing ShareBase enables us to provide secure file sharing capabilities on a single platform,” he said.