Two group of Outlook users — those on Mac computers and and those who use Outlook on the web — will finally get production-ready versions of Microsoft's Focused Inbox feature for Outlook email clients this year.

But they'll have to continue to be patient: It will be April before the preview version is released to all users — and the production-ready version will only get released  six to eight weeks after that, according to an update to a July 2016 Microsoft blog post.

Microsoft rolled out the Focused Inbox email-prioritization feature last July on Android and iOS platforms, but has been slow to make it available on other platforms. The feature segregates emails under tabs, labeled "Focused" and "Other." 

Want Gmail? Update Chrome

Users of older versions of the Chrome browser, listen up: Google announced Chrome Browser version 53 and below will no longer support Gmail starting Feb. 8. Instead, those users will be shown a banner at the top of the Gmail interface, encouraging them to update their browsers.

The change will likely have most impact on those that are still on Windows XP and Windows Vista, which don't support the newest versions of Chrome.

Users who continue to use older versions of the Chrome browser to access their Gmail are putting their messages at higher risk of security issues, Google explained.

Google does not typically announce when it discontinues support for older versions of the Chrome browser but made an exception because of the expected impact on Windows XP and Windows Vista users.

Learning Opportunities

M-Files Offers Contract Management

Dallas-based M-Files launched M-Files Contract Management, a purpose-built cloud solution that automates the creation, review, approval, signing and renewal of contracts and agreements. The solution enables users sign documents digitally using DocuSign, which M-Files partnered with last June.

The new offering provides a range of contact enablement functionality including initiation, drafting and negotiation, review and approval, digital signing, lifecycle management with assignments, notifications and contract renewal capabilities. It also offers contract archiving as well as search and retrieval.

Parascript’s Intelligent Capture

Longmont, Colo.-based Parascript, a data extraction specialist, introduced a new data location, extraction and verification software solution that deploys template-less, neural network-based document extraction.

Parascript has productized its machine learning platform to support custom-developed recognition projects with much quicker turnaround than traditional rules-based approaches.

The result, Parascript claims, is significantly faster production with more reliable and refined results for users.