The Conference Board Customer Experience Conference New York City 2017


The Conference Board US Council network brings together nearly 3,000 senior executives across more than twenty functional areas from the world’s most prestigious companies. Paramount among their shared goals is to continually better serve their customers. This esteemed group of executives know they are best positioned to accomplish that very goal when they place their customers’ desires and aspirations, wants and needs, actions and reactions at the center of everything they and their workforce do – and that they achieve their greatest success when they break down the silos within their own organizations.

The 13th Annual Customer Experience Conference draws directly from the challenges and learnings of our members and other thought leaders to help your company bridge the gaps between you and your customers. We are developing a program that will include insightful presentations and thoughtful dialogue around these crucial issues:

CX and Organizational Effectiveness

  • Developing your organization’s CX economic value story – not everything has ROI but being able to build a business case matters
  • Identifying organizational changes needed to put customers at the heart of everything your company does – and drive those changes
  • Establishing governance models to ensure accountability, collaboration and information sharing across the organization for all parts of the customer journey
  • Moving from decentralized to a centralized CX function—and managing the transition
  • Linking issue resolution to drive and improve the overall customer experience

Employee Engagement

  • Propelling CX innovation at grass roots levels – in the field with innovation toolkits
  • Introducing an array of Coaching Practices to help you develop customer-centric teams and leaders
  • Learning how “In the moment coaching” can be used in call centers and with all front line employees – and what it takes to develop a “coaching culture”
  • Create an engaged workforce where employees lead themselves in delivering the ultimate experience

Customer Feedback and Data for Results

  • Getting the most from your feedback mechanisms—the art and science of acquiring worthwhile feedback on smartphones, responding to the pressure to conduct shorter surveys, asking the right behavioral questions and getting at the nuance of how customers “feel” about their experience
  • Shifting your colleague’s mindset to think about systems and processes across the organization as data collection venues with an eye toward having a 360 degree view of the customer at every touch point

Customer Journey Power

  • Identifying the moments that matter during your customer’s journey to drive increased engagement, purchase behavior, and customer satisfaction
  • Understanding what leads to successful customer interactions for your customer – and for your business
  • Using design thinking to differentiate your organization from your competitors

Digital and Social Success

  • Leveraging CX as a catalyst for digital transformation
  • Employing social object design to drive collaboration, creativity, and innovation
  • Finding the right content for every stage of the life cycle – and how you can source that content effectively and efficiently

Generational and Cultural Nuance

  • Making sense of differing customer expectations and perceptions of similar experiences across generations and cultures—and understanding the critical role trust plays for all your users

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