Microsoft and Metalogix have deepened their existing partnership to speed the migration process between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online.

This is a joint project with technology and services offered in equal measure from Metalogix and Microsoft, respectively.

Direct API Integration

The new partnership offering — SharePoint Online Content Management — brings together Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) and Metalogix technology from the Metalogix Content Matrix.

It is intended to improve the speed and accuracy of migrations through the use of a direct API that enables content to be moved seamlessly between the source and target.

“Microsoft doesn’t do these kinds of partnerships often. Certainly it partners with other companies, but generally it is to bring a technology into, for example, Office 365, like the recent addition of DocuSign,” Adam Levithan, director of product management at Metalogix, told CMSWire.

“What’s different about this is that Microsoft is saying this is the only tool [SharePoint Online Content Management] that its consulting service organization is going to use when moving people from on-premises to the cloud.”

It goes beyond "lift and shift" or "forklift" migrations of content from an old to new content management systems, which Cheryl McKinnon, principal analyst at Forrester, suggested ultimately creates little value for sales, marketing, or client service teams.

Speedy Metalogix

The enhanced partnership builds on Metalogix's work with Microsoft's super-speed API, which was unvieled at last year’s Ignite conference.

Learning Opportunities

By incorporating the new API, which has since been named the Prime API, Metalogix said it could move 20GB of data or more in just an hour across all workloads. That's a significant improvement over historical migration speeds, which averaged only 0.5GB at the end of 2013.

Steve Murphy, CEO of Metalogix, told us then that Metalogix would be targeting 100GB/hour by the end of 2015, a goal it has now achieved in certain projects.

Sales and Marketing Team Collaboration

Mike Lees, CMO of Metlaogix, told us Microsoft and Metalogix marketing and sales teams will be working together go get the new joint offering into the market.

“There’s a joint go-to market strategy at both a technology and a marketing level as well. And the goal is that when we go to market we go to market jointly with Microsoft Consulting Services as a joint proposition,” he said.

“Making this relationship successful and getting it out to as many customers as possible is a priority over the next 12 months. One of the other things is making sure that the [Metalogix] regional sales reps are well integrated with MCS and just making sure that the joint value proposition is understood and taken to market together.”