Metalogix Secures Backups, Exchange Online

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Metalogix has announced a significant upgrade to its Essentials Office 365 product that focus on backup and data protection for Exchange Online.

Adam Levithan, product manager at Metalogix, said the company also plans to expand the number of services it can manage and migrate. It won't be leaving the Microsoft fold, but it also plans to enable enterprises to migrate data between products like Box, Dropbox and others.

"It’s not like we're telling the mothership we're moving away. People are looking for more services and more ways of doing their jobs and we are going to offer it to them,” Levithan told CMSWire.

Better Essentials

For today, though, it’s all about Essentials for Office 365, a unified suite that provides management of data security, protection and permissions.

It was released in July and was followed four weeks later with the release of Essentials for Drive, a management and security suite that provides lifecycle management for content in in Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

There has been a lot of movement around Office 365 this year, including release of the SharePoint 2016 beta.

The latest version of Essentials for Office 365 provides backup and data protection for Exchange Online, alongside the existing OneDrive and SharePoint functionality. This allows IT to quickly create, manage and restore backups of site collections, lists, libraries, content mailboxes and individual OneDrives to local or cloud storage.

It also provides the option for seamless restore operations with zero downtime for business continuity.

"We started with migration, but one of the core things we want to focus on is the step before,” Levithan said. That includes understanding what you have, the scope of your environment, your goal in the cloud and what you want to achieve, he said.

Lifecycle Management

The latest update to Essentials includes:

Learning Opportunities

  • Granular Migration: Enables administrators to migrate content, lists, libraries, sites, workflow among other things, as well as the metadata and permissions
  • Security and Permissions Management: Allows administrators to discover, analyze, and manage users and permissions across multiple site collections and farms (including license, permissions and content)
  • Information Manager:  Managers content through the use of a centrally-deployed application that puts the controls right in the ribbon of their SharePoint interface

Getting to the Cloud

Cloud businesses and technologies have been developing rapidly over the past three years. And so too has the business of getting enterprises into the cloud.

But it is increasingly clear that hybrid cloud computing, where enterprises use a combination of cloud and on-premises systems, is the wave of the future.

That makes migration vendors that enable enterprises move between the cloud and on-premises like Metalogix key players here.

In a statement about the Essentials Office 365 upgrade, Steven Murphy, CEO of Metalogix, stressed that the future of the company is is about ensuring enterprises that the content and applications will all be accessible to the people that need it, no matter where that data resides.

“Our mission is to provide CIOs and CSOs the assurance they need to optimize the performance and increase availability of their collaboration content while reducing the threat of data loss and internal data leaks," he said.


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