Information intelligence and e-discovery provider Recommind today announced an upgrade of its Axcelerate e-Discovery platform.

While Axcelerate comes in many versions, including On-Demand and a subscription-based Unlimited edition, the company claims the new Axcelerate Cloud is a fully developed cloud offering with something extra: muscle.

The muscle comes in the shape of a new Efficiency Scoring feature — an analytics offering that provides extensive visibility into the overall e-discovery review process.

San Francisco-based Recommind specializes in information governance for legal departments and firms. In a statement about the release, Recommind noted that with the growing volume of data now used and required in legal investigations demand a new approach to organizing, analyzing and reviewing both the data and the e-discovery process.

Legal Cloud Fears

Axcelerate Cloud is built on Recommind's interactive business intelligence layer to give legal professionals a depth of insight into the e-discovery process that Recommind says they have previously lacked.

Behind all the talk of agility and visibility, there is one goal here: control. The company hopes this release allays the fears of legal firms, who traditionally have been reluctant to use cloud-based software for fear of compromising data.

Hal Marcus, director of product marketing at Recommind, told CMSWire that the new control element introduced in Axcelerate Cloud is designed to deal with just that issue:

“Legal teams, particularly within corporations, are more knowledgeable about e-discovery today than before and are increasingly eager to leverage the best strategies to get to the facts faster, assess risk, and reduce data volumes. By consolidating their discovery needs in the cloud, they can control costs, their data security, and other variables of the discovery process,” he said.

Opening The Clouds

Marcus pointed out that in recent research carried out by Recommind in-house legal professionals show heightened openess to cloud solutions. It also showed that virtually all enterprise legal departments are using some kind of cloud-based legal tool, whether for billing, contract management or e-discovery.

“We polled major in-house counsel [across enterprises] and found that 72 percent have data security concerns around distributing client data to multiple outside counsel and service providers for discovery and investigations, yet 80 percent of them 'rarely' or 'never' audit the technological competency of their outside counsel,” he said.

“Consolidating their data in an ultra-secure cloud environment creates standardized, monitored security parameters they can rely on, without sacrificing the flexibility of leveraging multiple counsel and service providers as desired.”

Learning Opportunities

Citing the same survey, he added that 72 percent of respondents pointed to insufficient visibility into the discovery practices of their outside counsel — legal professionals working with them but outside the firm — as a major concern.

Axcelerate Cloud also eliminates the cost unpredictability that arises with traditional hosting charges with cloud-based e-discovery tools providers and the infrastructure maintenance required for on-premises solutions.

e-Discovery Efficiency

The new Axcelerate Cloud release responds to one of the major problems for e-discovery users, notably assessing how effective the e-discovery process is.

While legal professionals are more comfortable conducting e-discovery and using advanced analytics, there’s still a good deal of anxiety around what metrics  they should track.

“Some professionals in the Recommind research felt that data volume was a good metric, others went with budget or staffing, while only 28 percent of them felt they had enough insight into the discovery process of their outside counsel,” he said.

Overall, this indicates to us that tracking efficiency is a major problem facing the industry right now. In response, we’ve introduced new features that help track efficiency and measure it in a consistent manner.”

In the coming months and years, Recommind will be focussing on streamlining enterprise processes as well as streamlining data collection from key cloud sources in an effort to create a highly-secure data lifecycle from creation to production. 

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