It's been nine months since EMC sold enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) provider Syncplicity to Skyview Capital — and Jon Huberman, head of portfolio operations at Skyview and President and CEO of Syncplicity, couldn't be happier.

“They had a great product, but they didn’t know what to do with it,” he told CMSWire. “We do.”

Today, adding substance to his comment, Syncplicity will announce that it has deployed its flagship product to more than 330,000 Siemens employees in 192 countries — arguably the largest EFSS deployment ever, besting Box’s 300,000 seats at GE.

It’s About Petabytes

But from Huberman’s point of view, size isn't the most impressive part of the deal. Through its partnership with EMC, which still maintains a stake in the company, Syncplicity has helped Siemens implement a “SmartStorage” solution that consolidates three petabytes of data into four global data centers.

SmartStorage is expected to reduce Siemens’ cost per gigabyte of storage from a dollar to eight cents.

“It’s a landmark achievement in the industry,” said Huberman. It should be noted that SmartStorage also leverages EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

Digital Transformation

Some EFSS providers — Box, for example — aspire to become cloud-based enterprise content management platforms. But Huberman is positioning Syncplicity as a digital transformation engine.

Learning Opportunities

“We take information that’s stuffed into silos, bring it onto a much cheaper platform and provide users with anywhere, anytime access in real time,” he said.

Syncplicity was purpose-built to support a borderless workforce while meeting stringent security, governance and IT administration requirements. It also offers multi-folder sync to keep everyone on the same page.

A Profitable EFSS Provider

Huberman said most of Syncplicity’s customers are taking a hybrid approach, dividing their data between on-premises and the cloud. Those customers include three international automobile manufacturers, two major energy companies, a large sportswear maker and 100 agencies within the State of Indiana.

Together with Syncplicity’s more established customer base, they are helping the EFSS provider turn a profit. This is something other file-sharing providers like Box and Dropbox have yet to do.