Vendors aren't letting the lack of a universal communication standard stop development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Instead, they are integrating as much as possible on their own — as evidenced by a new partnership between Raleigh, NC-based Red Hat and Italy's Eurotech.

The two companies plan to collaborate on projects to simplify IoT integration.

Integration, Reliability

More specifically, they want to bridge the gap between operational and information technology. As Red Hat explained, “Eurotech and Red Hat technologies will strive to solve the problems of scalability, performance latency, reliability, and security inherent to complex IoT implementations."

Earlier this week, Esmeralda Swartz, VP of Marketing Enterprise and Cloud at Ericsson, told CMSWire that one of the big stumbling blocks to the industrial IoT is reliability.

If Eurotech and Red Hat can provide just that, it will be a win.

Red Hat With Eurotech

So why Eurotech?

Eurotech is a an Italian multinational founded in 1992. It's dedicated to the research, development, production and marketing of miniature computers (NanoPCs) and high performance computers (HPCs). As such, it is one of the top machine-to machine (M2M) vendors at the moment, but it’s not the first vendor you think of when you think Red Hat.

Red Hat and Eurotech have already worked together collaborating in upstream communities to integrate Kura, the open source version of Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF), with Apache Camel, the open source integration framework included with Red Hat JBoss Fuse.

Additionally, Red Hat and Eurotech are engaged together in a number of opportunities in Europe and North America. For the IoT, they’re a pretty good fit too.

“Eurotech is a provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, as well as an embedded partner of Red Hat. They have also been a member Red Hat’s ISV program for several years," James Kirkland, chief architect of Internet of Things and Intelligent Systems at Red Hat, told CMSWire.

“From a technology standpoint, it offers components to create distributed, intelligent systems of devices and sensors, including gateway hardware and software as well as cloud-based services for the Internet of Things so it’s a good fit for us.”

Learning Opportunities

The partnership will see Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Middleware combined with Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework and Cloud providing security, manageability, and application support for IoT solutions. It will also provide connectivity to the device tier as well as the datacenter and cloud tier.

IoT Management

Red Hat and Eurotech are collectively able to provide enabling technologies that can link operational systems to the enterprise, helping to simplify integration with IT applications and systems.

In practical terms that means:

  • Remote device management, access, and configuration
  • Data acquisition, aggregation, and management
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Business application integration
  • Rules activation and decision making, enabling dynamic intelligence at the edge

And there is more on the way, Kirkland said.

“While we can't reveal our roadmap, we can tell you that in the future we will be making another announcement with Eurotech regarding a solution that is based on the principle of pushing as much computing to the edge as possible,” he said.

“This will mean removing the need to ship masses of data to the cloud or data center for real-time processing as required by industrial automation applications. Instead, essential data transformation, integration, and routing occurs near the edge, triggering business rules that automate machine operations.”