Inkling, a provider of digital learning solutions, has launched new features for InkForms, a solution that gives employees insights on tasks and workflows to support knowledge and training.

The enhancements in this version of InkForms, created in 2021, focuses on making the workflows that support operational processes, tasks and checklists more efficient, according to Chris Tratar, Inkling's head of product marketing. 

Inkling's platform focuses on delivering training and knowledge to remote and deskless workers such as retail associates, restaurant managers and supervisors, repair technicians, warehouse and manufacturing plant workers.

"A key part of all of their jobs is to follow operational processes and checklists," Tratar said. "Inkforms embeds quick reference training and knowledge in these checklists at every step, so if a worker forgets a certain process step or finds something that they need to correct on a checklist they can instantly get to the right training and knowledge to complete the task correctly."

Streamlining Employees Efforts on Forms

Inkling built in enhanced support for creating forms and branching logic so that the checklist and training/knowledge provided varies based on how the form or checklist is filled out. The workflows also streamline how end users fill out the forms by reducing the time it takes to complete them with various autofill options for basic or repetitive information, according to Tratar.

"The workflows have also been streamlined to help centralized learning and operations teams gain insights and take actions faster on lessons learned including an easier to access inbox and action buttons to take actions on resolving problems and tasks more quickly," he added.

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Features Include Action Buttons, InkForms Inbox 

The new features that can be found through Inkling’s InkForms include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Pre-fill answer options: Pre-filled forms include information like location, name and role. Creators can manually pre-fill forms. And integrations include systems like HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • Workflows and branching: Approvals, completions and other workflow capabilities.
  • Action buttons: Learning and operational teams can act on information in forms or checklists.
  • InkForms Inbox: Email notifications on forms.

"The absolute differentiator in this release is the deepest and most focused integration between operational content likes and operational checklists and training and knowledge," Tratar said.

Who Uses These Tools?

Inkling’s new workflow enhancement will allow many users to use Inkforms, according to Tratar. They include:

  • Operations: Operations teams get the advantage of digitizing paper operations manuals and checklists. This means that they can update standard operating procedures, job aids, checklists and other key materials and also gain visibility into who is completing their checklists or consuming the materials and compare that to performance data to run their business and measure the impact of training on performance.
  • Learning/training departments: InkForms and the latest enhancements give learning and training departments that ability to bring training to the employee vs. bringing the employee to the training. By embedding training and knowledge into operational checklists, learning departments can deliver learning where it is needed most: on the job. It represents a shift and innovation in learning from the classic teach, study, test model in the classroom to a find, learn and do model while employees are actually doing their job. 
  • Managers: Similar to operations, regional managers, location managers and shift supervisors can have visibility into store operations and training. 
  • Employees: Front line employees get a modern digital employee experience with digital knowledge and training. Training is embedded in their every-day workflows.

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Inkling's 2022 Focus Will Be on Operational Learning Problems

Inkling focused on giving training insights to managers with improved training dashboards that assist managers to track their employees' progress on training assignments from the manager or the L&D team in prior releases throughout 2021.

What's ahead? Throughout 2022, Inkling will continue to invest in four key areas, according to Tratar:

  • Solving operational learning problems for remote and decentralized workers.
  • Building out an end-to-end operational learning platform that includes gamification and a new unified homepage, with featured content and key enhancements to learning pathways product.
  • Innovations designed for mobile devices with advancements in video content and rich digital content and authoring tools.
  • Continuing investments in APIs, integration infrastructure and iPaaS platform to connect Inkling to other learning, training, knowledge and operational systems.

Inkforms' cost is determined by the number of end users who fill out the forms and ranges from $1 to $5 per user each month, with volume discounts available for larger numbers of users.

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