Fayez Mohamood

Bluecore: Now You Can Send Personalized Email to Millions

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New York City-based Bluecore, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) marketing automation company, claims its new product can help marketers deliver mass personalized email to thousands — or millions — of people.

CEO Fayez Mohamood said the product being released today, Live Segments, enables users to send messages that are directly relevant to each recipient. The content is generated from Bluecore's analysis of previous customer behaviors.

The Bluecore engine tracks customers and the products they browse on websites. It can develop curated emails that contain specific recommendations that can be sent to the customers after they leave the site.

Previously known as TriggerMail, the company rebranded as Bluecore in January — the same month it successfully closed a $6 million Series A funding round led by FirstMark Capital.

The Power of Automation

Mohamood said Live Segments automates the slow, expensive manual processes of personalizing email. And that means marketing departments will be able to send several email shots per week rather than just one, he added.

Mohamood said the development of Live Segments was driven by mobile, always connected shoppers. “Ubiquitous internet and mobile usage has created a customer base who seeks instant gratification. There is no patience for impersonal, untimely marketing messages,” he said.

Improved analytics give marketers a more comprehensive view of their customers. But they need  tools and workflows to use the data effectively.

Learning Opportunities

"Email remains the thoroughbred digital marketing channel, driving dependable and growing ROI year over year. But the channel has failed to keep up with the pace of innovation,” he said.

Live Segments is targeted at CMOs who are searching for solutions for retention and acquisition programs.

Marketing Workflows

Live Segments attempts to address the inefficiencies in the marketer’s daily workflow – something Mohamood describes as a differentiator between Live Segments and other products.

“We use our technology to put the marketers in control of segmentation, reducing a lengthy multi-day process down to a few seconds with the ability to process data queries at a speed that other systems cannot match,” he claimed.