We continue our What's in a Name series today with another look at technology companies with interesting names. 

Today: LemonStand, Bluecore, Sauce Labs and Email on Acid.


Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia

Number of employees: 11

Specializes in: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-commerce software for web designers, agencies and fast-growing brands

Was this the original name? Yes

Who named the company? Founder and CEO Danny Halarewich

picture of lemonstand office

How and why did the company take on this name? Our goal is to make it as easy — and even fun — as possible for web designers and fast-growing brands to create beautiful, custom online stores that stand out from the crowd and help them sell more products to grow their business.

The roadside lemonade stands that you see in neighborhoods are symbolic of commerce at its most essential, and represented our values of creativity, resourcefulness and fun.


Founded: 2013

Headquarters: New York City

Number of employees: 86

Specializes in: Customer experience platform

CEO: Fayez Mohamood

bluecore flag hanging outside office

Was this the original name? No, original name was TriggerMail.

Who named the company? The name TriggerMail came from the original co-founders, Fayez Mohamood and Mahmoud Arram. The rebranding to Bluecore was a process that involved a handful of the early employees, a Google sheet of names, a quick trademark and url availability check and finally narrowing down a long list of choices and selecting a name that felt unique, marketable and true to our vision.

How and why did the company take on this name? Our original company name, TriggerMail, was effective but too literal and one dimensional. Because of this, it was critical to rebrand before we gained too much traction in the market. Bluecore was selected for two reasons. Core is something that felt closer to enterprise technology, and something that focuses on the platform we’ve built rather than the channels we execute in. The Blue is a subtle acknowledgment to our TriggerMail roots as it was part of our primary color palette.

What tech company names do you envy? ZenDesk is very impressive. They came into a market that was ripe for disruption with a very counter brand and message. They then followed through with this message in their product with beautiful UI and a customer centric focus. Clearly the Zen name made an impact, with many companies creating brands with similar names.

Sauce Labs

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: San Francisco

Number of employees: 106

Was this the original name? Yes

Learning Opportunities

Who named the company? John Dunham, one of three co-founders

How and why did the company take on this name? The origin of our company name, Sauce Labs, begins with Selenium, the open source software testing framework that our cloud-based, automated testing infrastructure was built to run. Selenium was originally developed by one of our co-founders, Jason Huggins, in 2004. At that time, Mercury Interactive was the leading test automation product and, with a deft competitive jab, Jason chose to name his project Selenium, knowing that the element selenium is an antidote to mercury poisoning.

people in sauce labs office

Fast forward to 2008 when Sauce Labs' three co-founders were debating the company names that co-founder John Dunham was coming up with. One of them, "Selenium on Steroids," or SOS, sounded like "Sauce" when said — but steroids were front page news at the time and not a popular topic. John's Sauce Labs, however, met several branding criteria: it was easy to pronounce, easy to hear, easy to spell, and memorable/whimsical. Plus, there was a secret Sauce acronym: "Selenium Accelerated Using Cloud Execution."

What tech company names do you envy? Apple, Sumo Logic, Google

Email on Acid

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Denver

Number of employees: 22

Specializes in: Email on Acid provides email testing, troubleshooting and tracking tools to help simplify and improve your email marketing efforts. Email renders differently in every email client. Email on Acid manages hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver the fastest and most accurate results possible. You can even flip the device or drag and scroll through your email previews to interact with your campaigns.

Email on Acid also has comprehensive email analytics. Opens and clicks don’t tell the whole story. You need to know how long your emails are open to measure engagement. Identify patterns of activity to optimize email design and placement of your calls to action. When it comes to email data, don’t guess, know the answer.

CEO: John Thies

John Thies

Was this the original name? Yes

Who named the company? Co-founders John Thies and his sister Michelle (Miki) Klann

How and why did the company take on this name? "Miki and I went back and forth trying to pick a name that was catchy, yet meaningful and matched our personalities. Showing people how their emails looked while also giving them insight into why it displayed the way it did was very similar to an acid test: putting something through tests to determine its properties or performance," Thies said.

"We were leaning towards Email in Acid until Miki asked how I felt about Email on Acid. Brilliant! A little edgy, unique and fun. It was perfect."

What tech company names do you envy? Spotify, Uber, Trello, Hootsuite, Hulu and Vimeo.

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