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  • ebook versus whitepaper: which performs best

    eBooks vs. Whitepapers: Which Performs Best?

    Many brands consider publishing eBooks and whitepapers to engage and educate their target audiences, but which content type performs best?

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  • People holding up signs with letters on them that spell the word, "Help!"

    Voice of the Customer: 8 Tips to Win Executive Buy-in

    Getting your executives to buy in to your Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs can be challenging. Here are 9 tips for getting them on the right path.

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  • Swrve Bets on Predictive Analytics

    Digital marketers want to catch potential and existing customers at the right time and give them something they want. In other words, make a good prediction and capitalize on it. One provider of marketing technology finds this so important, that it’s named its suite after it.

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  • Josh Turner

    You, Too, Can Master LinkedIn

    Want to know how to grow your business using LinkedIn? Ask Josh Turner. People who know claim he knows. “One man (Josh Turner) has had a laser focus on LinkedIn for the past few years; he created a whole business out of it.

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  • Hootsuite Adds Content Suggestions on Mobile

    Hootsuite released an iOS app today that company officials claim helps digital marketers share relevant content more easily from mobile devices. Suggestions for mobile allows users to discover, schedule and share content to “stay relevant and timely,” the company boasted. Hootsuite already had Suggestions, but not for mobile.

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  • Are Internal Social Business Professionals Worth More?

    According to a recent Dachis Group and the Social Business Council survey, executives in internal social business roles, including knowledge management and IT, continue to earn more than social business execs in marketing and corporate communications. Why is internal social business worth more than external marketing? Internal v.

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