Digital marketers want to catch potential and existing customers at the right time and give them something they want. In other words, make a good prediction and capitalize on it.

One provider of marketing technology finds this so important, that it’s named its suite after it.

Mobile marketing automation provider Swrve released today its Predictive Marketing Suite. It claims to be the first to combine predictive analytics with messaging and conversations for mobile apps. The platform uses behavioral algorithms to predict what app users will do next and then helps marketers present the right message.

Beyond Traditional

“Traditional analytics only look at historical behavior,” said Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, a 79-employee company with offices in Dublin, London, New York and San Francisco. “Predictive analytics/marketing anticipates a user’s actions. This opens up so many more possibilities for marketers to engage with customers and offer them the right product at the right moment.”

christopher dean

Swrve’s new Predictive Marketing Suite is integrated into its Mobile Marketing Automation Platform, which Dean said delivers “highly relevant in-app experiences in the moment it matters, as opposed to just an analytics system consumed by a data scientist.”

With its predictive technology, Dean said marketers can reduce churn, increase engagement and drive revenue. Currently, Swrve focuses on Global 10,000 B2C brands, but also has a range of middle-sized companies.

How it Works

Included in the Predictive Marketing Suite is the Predictive Push feature. It automatically sends a push notification to users “at the most optimal time” based on their past behavior within the app.

Learning Opportunities

The intent? Receive the notification when they are most likely to engage with it. 

Propensity scoring will help marketers predict a user’s likelihood to churn, spend, and how much they will spend, Dean said.


“Traditional marketing targets a user based on their past behavior,” he told CMSWire. “For instance, they’ve subscribed to Z magazine in the past so let’s try to get them to re-subscribe. With predictive marketing, Swrve will look at user behaviors and help the marketer determine the best segments and course of action.”

Historic high spenders likely to churn in the next two weeks would be a good target for a loyalty offer, Dean said. 

This Predictive Push functionality is included in Swrve’s regular platform cost. The next Predictive Marketing module will be an add-on to the Swrve platform. The Predictive Push functionality will be an automatic update to the Swrve dashboard for all customers.