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  • Why Designing Simple Solutions Is so Complicated

    Why Designing Simple Solutions Is so Complicated

    Recently I’ve been reflecting on why it’s so difficult to develop simple solutions — simple in the context of helping our users, clients and customers easily process, understand and engage with our message.

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  • How Front-End Is Driving Web Innovation

    How Front-End Is Driving Web Innovation

    Digital transformation is speeding up the rate at which companies make or break.  Fifty years ago, a Fortune 500 company would last for about 75 years. The average lifespan for even the largest companies is now down to 15 years, and declining.

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  • Silverlight 5.0 Plays Nice on the iPad

    Microsoft (news, site ) adds new powers to Silverlight, as it unveils a new version that helps play content happily on iPads and Windows Phone 7, bringing high class visuals and interactivity to your apps and data.

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  • Conferences: Content Management, (A)DAM and User Experience

    There are just too many conferences for one person to attend. We are overcome with options on our favorite subjects. What to do, what to do... Here are a few more coming up to make your decision that much harder. ADAM Kickoff Held By: Adam Software Description: Spend the day

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  • 5 Tips for a Better User Experience on Your Site

    Any good web publisher knows that it isn’t just content that keep readers reading and visitors returning. Interface design can be just as important as quality content. A bad website design can drive your audience away or seriously erode their confidence, just as they're coming through the door.

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