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July Open Source CMS Forecast: Drupal, Jahia, Liferay & More

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The arrival of July marks the halfway mark of 2017, which makes now a good time to briefly recap the year so far for open source CMS.

So far this year we have seen open source CMS conferences come and go, greeted major releases from WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and followed the progress of the eagerly anticipated SilverStripe 4 — which is slated for release “later this year.”

Looking towards the second half of 2017, here's what to expect from the open source world in July.


Liferay's community has a lot to explore this month. The open source digital experience platform vendor recently unveiled:

  • A new Developer Relations Team: Whose primary goal is to aid the Liferay community reach their goals
  • A new Community Website: A new home for all Liferay community members. One of the main goals of the new site is to highlight all of Liferay's open source projects and to support the communities that they are building around those projects
  • An official Liferay Slack Channel: For more direct communication between Liferay contributors and community members. The channel already has over 200 members.

Furthermore, registrations continue for Liferay Symposium North America 2017, taking place October 16 to 17 in Austin.


Drupal has released Contenta CMS, which some users are calling “the decoupled Drupal.”  

Contenta is a Drupal distribution that provides modern API capabilities out-of-the box with JSON API, which amongst other features allows you to fetch nested resources in one request. It’s a foray into the headless CMS space, and it’s aimed at both Drupal users and non-Drupal users who want to build sites and apps for the omnichannel landscape. Contenta is built to feed content to any JavaScript powered website, an Alexa Skill, or even an in-car user interface.

You can start with a minimal blank slate, or try out a Contenta demo install which demonstrates how to solve some of the different problems encountered when developing and building in a decoupled situation.


Magnolia held its Unconference for developers in Basel, Switzerland on June 21, followed by two days of workshops. For pictures and a quick summary of the event, check out the roundup.

It also announced the global availability of Magnolia NOW on June 16. The cloud-based enterprise package, deployed on AWS, offers:

  • Speed and Agility: Through continuous delivery of new front-end experiences, no back-end dependencies
  • Simplified Front-End Page Management: Easy and controlled management of new front-end pages and code using release management cockpit (desktop or mobile)
  • Real-world testing: Live content can be replicated one-to-one to UAT
  • Effective risk management: Through automatic backups and one-click restore.


Enonic XP 6.11 is scheduled for release in “early July,” with the following features:

Learning Opportunities

  • Content Studio “Issues”: Modeled after similar principles as developers use for GitHub Issues
  • Localized Admin Interface: The authoring and back-office interface now supports localization. Currently shipping with English and Norwegian, with more languages promised in future versions
  • Multi-Repository Search: Developers can now effectively search data across repositories to present a single search result
  • Dump and Load with Versions: The dump and load utility now supports including versions, for greater flexibility in exporting and importing data.

Enonic also recently launched OfficeLeagues, a Foosball Table Progressive Web App (PWA) that showcases the capabilities of Enonic XP while helping workplaces have more fun with their Foosball tables. It claims Salesforce and RedHat have already adopted the app.


Jahia community members can spend their July getting acquainted with Jahia’s new product documentation site, The Academy. It includes thousands of pages filled with tutorials and examples to help developers discover the Jahia Digital Experience Platform.

Jahia Digital Experience Manager 7.2.1 is also set to release today. It bring about three major enhancements to the platform:

  • Remote Publication Refactoring: Jahia’s new remote publication feature allows separate authoring and browsing environments. With its Distant Server Publishing module, Jahia's Digital Experience Manager offers a scalable, well-compartmentalized solution for pushing content validated on your editing platform to the public production environment. This architecture is compatible with all enterprise firewall software and can be configured to match demanding security needs
  • Expanded Author Autonomy and Productivity with “Page Model”: When creating new pages for a site, you often need to reuse already existing arrangement of lists and content objects on different pages. This version introduces the option "Set this page as Page Model" for exactly these scenarios. By checking this option, the system stores the page as a Page Model for future use when creating a new page. The Page Model acts as a refined page template without the need to access the studio
  • New Connectors to Third Party Software: New connectors accommodate, allowing developers to translate content inside Jahia with the power of GlobalLink’s services. Connectors for Dalim, Elvis and Nuxeo have also been released.  

Jahia also plans to roll out Jahia Marketing Factory 1.7 — Jahia DXP’s A/B testing and personalization arm — on July 7. The release will include:

  • Extended Action Triggers: The new Marketing Factory “Rules” allow marketers to use any event (session start, login, goal reach, score in a given scoring plan) captured on the platform to trigger an action. It’s now possible for any integrator to build a new action and extend the product to integrate in real time with other marketing technology vendors
  • Bidirectional Salesforce Integration: Marketing Factory provides a Salesforce integration based on Rules which allow users to create or update a lead in Salesforce or update the Marketing Factory profile from a contact or lead in Salesforce
  • Social Login Integration: The social login integration allows for major enrichment of visitor profiles in Marketing Factory, bringing de facto wider personalization and analytics options
  • Form Experience Improvements: Data stored in a visitor’s profile can be used to pre-fill forms and/or hide or show ad-hoc form fields.

Other Open Source CMS Headlines

Following the release of dotCMS 4.0 and 4.1 earlier this year, dotCMS is hosting a webinar on July 7 to introduce its revamped product.

Also, following the release of SilverStripe 3.6.0 — which comes with support for PHP 7 —  SilverStripe is looking for community feedback and insights to improve SilverStripe CMS in time for the arrival of SilverStripe 4.0. It wants to hear from CMS administrators, content authors, developers and process managers. Those interested can sign up for the SilverStripe Research Panel.

Here’s to a Strong Second Half

Drupal, Jahia, Enonic and others are kicking off the second half of 2017 nicely for the open source CMS space, here’s hoping that momentum stays strong throughout the rest of the year.

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