Drupal-based cloud platform Pantheon is introducing a new solution for businesses that want to standardize developer workflows while managing web projects and teams on a unified platform.

Originally available only to agencies and individuals, the enterprise edition, which launches today, enables web teams that use Wordpress and Drupal to develop faster with best practices for development, team management and reusable site templates in a single organizational dashboard, said Josh Koenig, co-founder and head of developer experience for Pantheon.

“Everyone wants to have a CMS because you can’t wait for a developer to change the words on your website,” he said. “However, companies also need to look at data and innovate on design, functionality and experience rapidly.”

San Francisco-based Pantheon, which builds a web development platform for Drupal sites, entered the market in 2011.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

As Pantheon was developing its original solution, Koenig said the company made some interesting observations.

Although there were some unique challenges that developer teams faced when creating websites, there were also some that repeated themselves every time. That inclludes setup, development and testing cycles, as well as the need for client and team collaboration.

As a former Drupal developer, Koenig said he encountered those same challenges.

“A lot of people are struggling with this stuff,” he said.

“Having all of this done as a bespoke process is really valuable. Reinventing the wheel for each site is not going to work.”

What’s Inside the Box

According to a company release, Pantheon Enterprise includes tools to help companies go from dev to testing to live, including the ability to standardize workflows, onboard teams, increase productivity and lower security risks

Learning Opportunities

Features include:

  • An organization dashboard that allows users to manage multiple websites and add new ones through a single dashboard
  • Change management options, including role-based permissions for internal and external teams
  • Multidev options, including the ability to create unlimited cloud environments to speed up development and facilitate team collaboration
  • Custom upstreams, allowing teams to create specific packages of base web applications for future projects
  • SAML SSO Integration for access to the Pantheon dashboard via your own internal sign-on system
  • Team Onboarding, which allows for personalized onboarding to the platform from an enterprise onboarding manager

Marketing Gets More Technical

Koenig noted that this solution comes at a time when marketing organizations are beginning to add more staff with technical expertise, including coders.

“Marketing is getting technical,” he said.

“Companies are waking up to the fact that it’s going to give them a competitive advantage, so they’re pursuing it.”

He also noted the importance of moving processes like website development out of IT to keep companies agile, while still giving IT the control to press the deploy button.

“Organizations need to let marketing function independently of IT,” he said.

“IT departments that are stubbornly trying to hold onto this stuff internally, are losing. By necessity they’re a generalist organization – they can’t specialize in anything because they have to do it all.”

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