Following the launch of SilverStripe 4 in Nov. 2017, SilverStripe have launched versions 4.1 and 4.2. The latest releases come with the following new features:

  • A more redefined React-driven interface and better support for the latest versioning system to help developers build better products for their customers.
  • In a bid to go headless, SilverStripe now boasts built-in support for GraphQL API which enables developers to expose CMS-managed data to Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Single Page Applications (SPA) and the latest and upcoming IoT devices.
  • An officially supported content block system. This follows the successful launch of the Elemental community module.
  • An improved Site Summary Module to give site owners a better overview of their setup.

SilverStripe has also launched SilverStripe Resource Center to help the wider SilverStripe community. The resource center aims to support developers, agencies, and sales teams to provide clients a full view of their SilverStripe project.

Along with the announcement of SilverStripe 4.1 and 4.2, SilverStripe also announced the location of StripeCon EU 2018, which will be held in Enschede, Netherlands Sept. 20 to 22. 

Netlify Launches NetlifyCMS 2.0

Netlify released the latest version of NetlifyCMS on July 26. The newest release supports all Git collaboration providers, including BitBucket, GitLab and GitHub. 

The other notable change in this release is that the architecture in 2.0 has changed from a single code base to a collection of interdependent packages called a “monorepo.” This move, Netlify stated, results in better support for community extensions as well as more flexibility for FOSS developers to customize and extend.

More details on NetlifyCMS 2.0 can be found in the release notes.

Liferay Unveils Liferay University and Joins GPL Cooperation Commitment

Liferay announced the availability of Liferay University, an online training platform that offers several free courses to community members, including digital asset management and OSGi basics. It also offers a number of advanced paid courses.

Also, Liferay has announced it has joined an initiative headed by Red Hat called the GPL Cooperation Commitment. Liferay will be one of the 14 organizations who've agreed to gives developers who unintentionally violated their GPLv2 license a cure period rather than initiating legal action. More details can be found in the press release.

Magnolia Releases 5.7

The latest release of Magnolia features an improved asset search functionality and support for Java. Full release notes and video highlights provide further information on the newest version.

Also, Andrew Warinner, senior solutions architect in Magnolia's Services team, wrote a blog post detailing the launch of a new SEO module within Magnolia Extensions, the new initiative for the development of Magnolia modules. The module enables you to check and audit web content before it gets published. The aforementioned blog post and a related webinar recording provide full details on how to integrate the SEO module with Magnolia.

In other Magnolia-related news, the latest privacy controls in Magnolia now assist organization to remain compliant with GDPR via new apps and APIs to help manage visitors’ personal data and consent. A recent Magnolia webinar recording provides further information on the latest privacy measures.

DNN’s 2019 Annual Summit Announced

DNN has announced its 2019 DNN conference will be held Feb. 19 to 21 in Denver. More information will be revealed in due course.

The DNN community is also working on the latest version of DNN. In an announcement on the Community Blog, a release candidate for DNN 9.2.1 was launched and is currently being reviewed by DNN’s Ecosystem Advisory Groups.

Learning Opportunities

In other DNN-related news, the nominations of DNN MVP Program are now closed. New MVPs will be announced soon.

dotCMS 5.0 on the Horizon

dotCMS 5.0 is set to be released in August. The company stated it will bring about new drag-and-drop capabilities for marketers, a newly integrated reporting module, as well as enhanced support for containers, Docker, and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and Swarm.

The update will also include a revamped workflow and content type builder, further empowering non-technical users to leverage the decoupled CMS.

For a preview of dotCMS 5.0, check out dotCMS’ sneak-peek webinar.

Tiki 18.2 Expected

Tiki 18.2 is expected very soon. The announcement of this bug-fix and security release of the Long Term Support version of Tiki will be posted on the Tiki news page upon release. Earlier LTS versions 15 and 12 are still in their regular support periods and are also being updated at this time. 

This is the last version of Tiki that uses the Bootstrap 3 framework. Tiki 19 is progressing in parallel as a development version scheduled for October release, and will be the first version of Tiki to incorporate Bootstrap 4. 

Tiki has been under continuous development for over 15 years as one of the most active open source projects, and is typically used in corporate intranets and for other collaborative purposes. Recent enhancements to Tiki include integration of HP5, Media Alchemyst, mPDF, Elasticsearch, and Converse.js. Learn more information about version 18.2, and see available packages here.

Adobe Debuts Magento Community Insider Program

Following its acquisition of Magento, Adobe has unveiled the Magento Community Insider Program. In an announcement, Adobe stated it created the Magento Community Insider Program to “broaden the Magento ecosystem to a larger group of developers and agencies to help them formalize their relationship with Magento, expand their skill set, and continue to build their Magento business practices.”