test4 Nikolay also testing2 Test Pivotal has a way of disrupting opening moments of big data conferences.


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It tends to announce — dare we say it — pivotal news just as they begin. Why should the Hadoop Summit, which begins tomorrow, be any different?

The EMC, VMWare spinoff gave CMSWire a heads-up tonight that it has acquired Quickstep, a next generation technology that is expected to execute queries across the Pivotal Big Data Suite in breakthrough time.

What this means to Pivotal customers who adopt it is that they should be able to glean big data insights in record time — something that’s necessary for enterprises who want to gain competitive advantage in the data driven age.


But it’s not only the technology that Pivotal gains in the purchase, but also Quickstep’s team, which is led by Jignesh Patel, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Quickstep was developed.

In a blog post Patel wrote that he and his team will now have a path on which  to commercialize the Quickstep technology, with an opportunity  to “further revolutionize the already industry leading query tools in the Pivotal Big Data Suite.”

The components of Pivotal’s Big Data Suite, including Pivotal HAWQ, the Pivotal Greenplum Database and Pivotal GemFire, were open sourced in February. The Quickstep Pivotal integration is expected to provide an orders of magnitude increase in the performance of advanced analytics, machine learning, and advanced data science use cases.

This acquisition should put critics on notice that Pivotal is indeed continuing to invest in its Big Data Suite in order to bring differentiating data driven insights to its customers.

The amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed.