With all the news of Facebook's IPO this week, Google's still-fledgling social service marched over another user milestone as the improvements and other changes in the Google ecosystem keep on coming.

Plus-Sized Sites

Having recently allowed teenagers onto the site, Google+ has had another spike in user numbers as the kids storm onto the service to find out what all the fuss is about. The figures aren't Google's own, but estimates seem to accurately track what Google later reveals, so sometime this week, some lucky soul became user 100,000,000.

With a recent growth rate of 750,000 users a day, Google+ might hit the 400 million user mark by the end of the year, with Google+ being promoted heavily on Android phones and across Google's other services. But, as new trends rise, old ones fade away and it's worth pointing out that Google Wave is on the way out, reduced to archive status, is being switched off permanently at the end of April.

Euro Google Woe

Elsewhere in the world, Google has been fined US$ 660,000 by a French court for adopting the highly socialist principle of giving something away for free with Google Maps. You'd have thought the French would be right up for that, but rival mapping company Bottin Cartographes sued Google France and won, which won't come as a surprise given their protectionist nature. Google may well appeal, possibly with a Gallic shrug.

Also in Europe, the EU has asked Google to delay implementing its new unified privacy policy while regional data protection police check out the implications. While there are some 27 national DP agencies, the investigation will be led by the French (surprise!) and its CNIL division that deals in such matters.

More Mobile Protection

Following on from McAfee's announcement of an updated mobile protection product, Google is doing its own bit for mobile security by putting a "Bouncer" on the Android Market front door that will scan apps as they arrive for potential malware and other vulnerabilities. The Bouncer program scans new apps as they are uploaded to the store, so beware of grabbing brand-new titles as they are more likely (in the statistical risk sense) of being problematic.

Recently updated on the Android App store is a new version of Google Docs that allows for offline working with documents and will then sync your changes once you get back online.