Over the last 12 months, Adobe has been piecing together its Marketing Cloud from its former incarnation as the Digital Marketing Suite, and by folding in acquisitions. This week the company debuted a more seamlessly integrated system at the Adobe Summit.

Adobe Media Optimizer Standard Debuts

Since January 2012 when Adobe bought Efficient Frontier, the Marketing Cloud has been taking shape. 

Marketing Cloud is home to five main components: Analytics, Social, Experience Manager, Target and Media Optimizer. We're focusing mostly on the Analytics package, and the Media Optimizer. This is where much of the Efficient Frontier advertising optimization technology has found its new home.

The Media Optimizer is the dashboard the lets marketers view performance and forecast tools so they can run campaigns across search, display and social media. It now offers a Standard version to go along with the Premium version meant for enterprises and large agencies, and this is where interactive reports are produced and bid processes are set up for search ads.

Furthermore, some of the features in the Media Optimizer Premium have been made available in the Standard version, making upgrading a bit less painful if needed.

We mentioned above the yearlong process of shifting Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite to the Marketing Cloud, and part of that includes shifting Adobe's SearchCenter+ functionality into Media Optimizer. Throughout 2013, all SearchCenter+ search engine marketing customers will be transitioned to Media Optimizer.

Learning Opportunities


Updated Bid Rules include more control over bids and automated bidding process for search engines.

Analytics Enhanced with Predictive Scoring

It would be hard to optimize a marketing campaign without powerful analytics, and Adobe has announced some predictive modeling capability for just that. The Analytics package within Marketing Cloud will be updated to include the ability to identify customers who might be most ready to buy based on shared characteristics.

Adobe is calling this a predictive marketing workflow, and it uses data from across channels to find those most likely to convert. Those targets are predictively scored on their likelihood to convert, and then the Adobe Target system can be used to build special offers most appropriate for them.

Instead of spending hours or even days analyzing data to find high value audiences, Adobe is touting its predictive scoring tool to be able to do this in just minutes. This feature will be available only in the Adobe Analytics Premium tool, and it will launch in May.