Adding to Twitter's fire hose of information will be full advertising campaigns brought to the world by three of the company's initial ad partners: Adobe, Salesforce and Shift.

TBG Digital, a Facebook Ads API partner, and Hootsuite were also part of Twitter's initial partner group, and others can now sign up if they want to get better access to the company's 200 million members.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As the largest of the Twitter ad launch partners, Salesforce has the most to gain in the deal. Actually, they might have the most to lose, depending on your point of view, but that's not likely to happen. Both companies are too successful, and have put too much energy into it to allow that.

Salsesforce has launched its Social Ads Platform for Twitter, and Twitter ads should be the biggest development in social media marketing since Facebook debuted its app development platform back in 2007, Michael Lazerow wrote on a Salesforce blog this week.

The Social Ads Platform could be used to create ads, scale them and properly bid and target them. It will be a bit of companion piece to the company's already established Certified Twitter Products for Analytics and Engagement. While the Social Ads Platform is currently running in closed beta, Salesforce is offering a free webinar Feb. 28 at 2 pm EST for those interested in doing Twitter ads.


All of Twitter's Ads API launch partners have existing marketing deals with the company. Now they are expanding.

Adobe Media Optimizer

Like Salesforce, Adobe has been working with Twitter's Promoted Product Ads API for many months, and by adding the new Ads API, companies will get new features in the Adobe Media Optimizer. These include setting ad budgets and schedules, and targeting choices like locations, hashtags or device types, among others.

GraphEffect by Shift + TBG Digital

Shift is a collaborative marketing firm that calls itself an open marketing platform. It will integrate the Twitter Ads API into its GraphEffect product. This suite of marketing tools includes Facebook integration, of course, and with the Twitter addition, it should make cross channel campaigns a bit more streamlined.

TBG Digital has announced it is integrating the Twitter Ads API into its ONE Media Manager platform to engage consumers and improve analytics. Specifically, TBG plans to make use of Twitter's growing importance on the so-called second screen.

People are increasingly watching television while they casually view their mobile devices, a phenomenon prominently displayed during the Super Bowl. Fully half of the commercials included a Twitter hashtag, TBG pointed out in a blog post announcing its Ads API plans.

It's obvious the promise Twitter holds for gaining a new advertising audience, and the combined presence of the initial Ads API launch partners is a testament to how widespread that belief is. All the companies who were chosen are leaders in social marketing, so the next round could be more of the same. That is, more large marketing companies might be lining up to do business with Twitter.

We're curious to see if any non-marketing firms will be included in the next round, however. In other words, will Twitter start letting in other kinds of companies right away or will it slowly roll out the API only to the largest marketers?