Adobe announces Adobe Social 3.0, the newest version of the company's social marketing management solution which, with these updates, has a redesigned interface, updated social and mobile capabilities.

Everything is Social with Adobe Social 3.0

Social marketing is a key part of the digital marketing landscape, but it's always changing and many businesses find it hard to keep up with these changes. With this in mind, Adobe launched Adobe Social which is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. In order to help with the ongoing transition, Adobe says it has updated Adobe Social so marketers could receive analytics data as quickly as possible and monitor social campaigns on whichever device they choose -- including iOS and Android phones, and tablet devices.

With this mobile integration, users can monitor customer and competition trends and be able to respond to customers and issues from a remote or home location.

Your customers never stop talking about you. Managing the social channel is a 365×24×7 thing so whether you’re at your desk, running between meetings, or onsite at an event, you need a social marketing tool that is as “social” as you,” said Lawrence Mak, manager of social product marketing for Adobe in a blog post on the new release.

Adobe Social now automatically supports the rendering of social apps properly on mobile devices.

In addition to the previously mentioned interface redesign which allows marketers to easily see which types of engagement, such as posts and apps, are most successful, there are a few other features that have been included with this update. They are:

  • Cross-team collaboration: Team members and colleagues can work together and comment on campaigns, individual content and customer engagement data from within the Adobe Social platform.
  • Content calendar: Organization is an important part of any successful campaign, so to help with this Adobe has included a calendar tool that can create, schedule and track campaigns across different social channels and platforms.
  • Social buzz monitoring: With an improved dashboard, marketers can quickly see where customers are from and what ‘brand conversations’ are the most popular among their targeted audience.
  • Campaign attribution: Metrics data can be broken down by post and content, which pinpoints exactly where a campaign needs improvement and what content is most engaging.


An example of the Content Calendar feature

A Social Marketer’s Dream?

Adobe Social was released last September as a solution that combines ad buying, analytics, publishing and social media monitoring. Under the tag line "social marketing made simple,” Adobe Social was designed to improve how marketers use and benefit from social marketing. During the product announcement, it appeared to be well-received by critics.

CMSWire’s own Barb Mosher-Zinck was able to sit in a briefing and found that overall the product is a good social marketing platform.

Adobe Social is designed to help ease the complexity with a single environment in which all elements of the social marketing process can be done,” she said. “It was a very slick product, one that you should check out when it becomes generally available later this year.”

David Cohen of AllFacebook also said that this release would be beneficial to businesses who needed to improve the reach and impact of their social campaigns.

Social media is no longer an experiment, and it is time for social to grow up. Adobe Social’s ability to create and demonstrate business impact from social media will enable the social marketer to secure a seat at the planning table,” he says. “Adobe Social helps give the entire business a holistic view of the customer journey and how the social media channel impacts customer behavior and purchase decisions."

These most recent updates were announced as part of Adobe Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference 2013. Other product releases and updates from the conference include the addition of predictive marketing in Adobe Analytics, a new version of Adobe Media Optimizer: Media Optimizer Standard and a new digital asset management solution that’s part of the Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Social 3.0 is available in a beta format and a public launch is expected later in the year.