There are a handful of brands on Twitter and Facebook that fill up their streams with little other than retweets and links to praise about themselves or their products. A pinch of pride is a useful tool in business; the problem is that the delivery platform isn’t quite right for the act itself when it comes to Twitter.

Offer Value in Your Social Stream

Work harder with those who shower you with praise to reward them, build advocacy and connections in their networks. Don’t pollute your own social stream with plaudits. Just deliver great business, products or services and let the users sing your praises. That’s the social value of social media.

A happy testimonial will reinforce the message of a newsletter in an email communication; on a website it will add value to your offering, but in your Twitter or Facebook streams, you are preaching to the converted. Fans and followers of you already know that you do things well; that is why they stick their hands up in the form of a follow or “Like” to identify with you and to show their connections that they endorse you. Don’t tell them what they already know; be more interesting and offer value in what you say.

Start Putting Down That Trumpet

By all means, encourage your loyal following to be your advocates and get positive mentions of your brand into their social streams, but put the trumpet down before it becomes a bum note in your marketing.

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