Apple's Black Friday Sale Goes Live

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Those looking for an iPad or MacBook bargain had better get their clicking-fingers ready, as Apple Stores around the world reboot for the company's Thanksgiving sale. 

Thanksgiving Goes Global

One of the fun elements of globalization is that more countries around the world can enjoy America's favorite sport of buying gadgets on Black Friday. With some parts of the world already into, or approaching the big day, Apple stores have been taken offline, only to emerge offering new sale pricing. 

At the time of writing, those in Australia and Asia can already pick up Apple-flavored bargains, while the U.K. store is currently down, and the U.S. front end is still pretending everyone is tucking into their turkey. In Australia, prices include A$105 (US$110) off a MacBook Pro, A$41 off the latest iPad and A$31 off an iPad 2. Not huge savings, but tempting for those who've waited this long.

UPDATE: The stores are now fully open, offering modest savings on iPads and MacBooks, again -- nothing too dramatic, but like last year, Apple really doesn't have to cut that deep. If you can't quite stretch to these prices, Apple has a new refurb eBay store that you might find helpful.

Meanwhile plenty of other stores are already flagging up their bargains with the new Nintendo Wii U console top of the list at many retailers, along with the usual reductions in smartphones, tablets, HDTVs and so on. Remember,

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Deals of the Day

Amazon doesn't seem to have any deals on its Kindle Fire HD products (yet, and really doesn't have to), but is busy with huge reductions on notebooks, gaming and home electronics. For phone buyers, telcos like Sprint are offering $150 off the Samsung Galaxy SIII while AT&T has one-cent deals on a range of smartphones starting from midnight. 

All the major stores have had their adverts leaked on Black Friday deals sites for some time now, and bargain hunters will already have their ideal presents or treats lined up. Good luck with your deal hunting, whatever country you're shopping in.