OpenAI, the little startup that has rocked the world of generative artificial intelligence, rattled Google's cages and potentially upended the search engine game, is at the AI innovation game again with a developer program.

OpenAI has yet to publicly announce its new developer product, Foundry. However, screenshots shared across social media reveal a company product brief updated on Feb. 17, confirming its launch. Foundry allows customers to run OpenAI model inference at scale with dedicated capacity, according to Travis Fischer, owner of the Tweet that reported the news.

Described in the brief as being "designed for cutting-edge customers," Foundry is meant to serve the needs of advanced users with heavier workloads, offering dedicated capacity for running Open AI models, and enabling large-scale inference while providing control over model configuration and performance profile.

What Are OpenAI-Foundry Capabilities?

Other capabilities listed in the brief include:

  • A static allocation of capacity dedicated to the user and providing a predictable environment that can be controlled.
  • The ability to monitor specific instances and optimize shared capacity models with the same tools and dashboards used by Open AI.
  • The ability to realize all the throughput, latency and cost benefits from optimizing your workload, including caching and latency slash throughput tradeoffs.
  • Control over the exact snapshot of your model allowing users to decide whether to use the latest model snapshot.

According to the brief, Open AI will offer "more robust fine-tuning options for its latest models soon, and Foundry will be the platform for serving those models."

Further, it goes on to say that Foundry offers SLAs for instance, uptime and on call engineering support with 99.5% uptime "guaranteed" and on-call engineering support for customers.

Learning Opportunities

OpenAI Faces Pressure to Turn Profit

Since its debut on Nov. 30, 2022, ChatGPT has been a sensation with users. Within five days of launch, it already had more than 1 million users — and by January 2023, it reportedly had an estimated 100 million active users.

But the pressure to turn a profit is high. Microsoft already invested $1 billion in Open AI, and in a presumptive bid to become the search engine of choice over Google, the company invested another $10 billion.

News outlets who spoke to sources familiar with an investor pitch made last year said that Open AI “expects $200 million in revenue next year and $1 billion by 2024” — just a drop in the bucket when considering the massive infusion of investment.

But after offering a free trial of the tech, the company is ready to monetize. Earlier this month OpenAI announced the launch of a pilot subscription plan for ChatGPT for $20 per month. In a statement, company officials said the plan would include access to ChatGPT — even during peak times, faster response time and priority access to new features.

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