Better Call Centers: Envision Centricity Upgrade Aims for Improved Customer Service

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Do you prefer instant messaging with a customer service rep over trying to make contact on the phone? If you do, it's probably due to the generally poor perception of many a call center's service. Envision wants to make sure companies take full advantage of digital tools to make sure customer contact centers live up to people's actual expectations.

Envision makes a collaboration and analytics system called Centricity team optimization, and the company is ready to roll out new features to improve agent training and workflow for contact centers at companies like Alaska Airlines.

Helping Agents Help Customers

Any workplace needs to have systems in place to evaluate how people are performing, but it may not be as important in any other industry than customer service. That's because agents need targeted training on how to respond to customer's questions about very specific items, and if agents can't get quick, functional feedback about those interactions, customer service will suffer.  


Centricity lets call center managers better coordinate workflows and tweak agent training at the micro and macro level.

Learning Opportunities

Centricity includes two tools for doing just that. Envision Workforce Management helps tailor scheduling and staffing with apps for compliance, analytics, identity protection and more. Click2Coach helps agents get better training through quality monitoring and eLearning.

New UI

Centricity also added a new tabbed UI and a new Silverlight AV player in its browser based format. The new look should make accessing the system easy on mobile devices, and give a more intuitive feel for agents and supervisors. Additionally, Envision includes its Performance Assurance Review for giving customers feedback on best practices. 

Tell us in the comments if you think companies are finally getting serious about customer service in a time of rapid social media adoption.