Bislr Debuts Autopilot for Drag + Drop Marketing Automation
Digital marketing vendor Bislr has debuted a visual, drag and drop based marketing automation system that looks like it could be the next big innovation in this ultra fast moving space.

Build Campaigns with Visual Editor

Building a truly automated marketing campaign is out of reach for most of even the most powerful digital marketing systems. So building one that takes a highly visual approach to building those campaigns is completely novel. Bislr, pronounced biz-ler, is a provider of what it calls its intelligent marketing OS, and it focuses on things like marketing automation, content management and analytics.

Autopilot is the name of this visual campaign building tool (above image), and it is meant to allow business users to build campaigns in days instead of weeks. It's an in browser visual editor for building campaigns across Web, email, mobile and offline channels. It can connect campaign flows to any app that uses Web hooks or APIs.

Triggers, actions and conditions are all represented by the icons in the above image, and they can be connected via rule based flows. Triggers are events that happen like when somebody validates a smartlist, actions can then send a nurture email (yellow square in above image) and conditions allow for basing actions on certain criteria.

The conditions use what's called an outcome wheel, the little multicolored half circle attached to the icon on the lower left. Each colored segment represents an outcome, and it when clicked it can be connected to whatever criteria is needed for that condition. It can be sending an email or even a tweet to check in on a prospect and move them along the customer journey.

Visual Editing Extends to Forms, Landing Pages

While the Autopilot app looks to be an extremely innovative tool, the same visual approach is taken with building landing pages, emails, and Web forms with Bislr. All of these items can be built with non technical staff, and that is why it could be a good fit for so many marketers.

There's even a Chrome application that can add Bislr functionality to other content management systems, and connectivity available to CRM systems like Demandbase, Eloqua, NetSuite and Salesforce. Bislr launched in early 2013, and counts Cambium Networks, DocuSign and SOL Republic as customers. It comes in US$ 1,000 per month professional or US$ 2,500 per month enterprise editions.

Bislr has quite a bit going for it with this tool we think, and from what we've seen only Marketo's Customer Engagement Engine comes close to this level of full marketing automation on the campaign building side. It's not as visual as Bislr, but it's bit more customizable, and is generally a more comprehensive system. They're in the same price range, however, though there is a US$ 3,195 option for Marketo's Select level.

As noted above, this is a fast moving space, and while there are lots of companies getting into marketing automation, Marketo and Bislr are doing some of the most innovative stuff we've seen.