CMSWire's February WEM-Marketing Automation Tweet Jam: Meet the Panelists #CXMChat

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The Tweet Jam is fast approaching! On Wednesday, February 27th, CMSWire will be holding its second Tweet Jam of 2013. We'll be discussing how companies are building better Web Experienceswith the help of Marketing Automation and we have lined up a great group of paneliststo share their insights.

After a great turnout for January's Customer Life Cycle Experience Tweet Jam,we are going behind the scenes to look at some of the driving forcesbehind customer communications -- Web Experience Management (WEM) and Marketing Automation (MA).

The #CXMChat Tweet Jam Questions:

One of the most valuable assets for an enterprise these days is data, unfortunately much of the data we collect is in silos never allowing us to get a full picture of the customer and their journey. Tools like marketing automation and web experience management platforms both contain a lot of data, some of it collected using similar tools. So the question is, should we integrate these processes and platforms leading to better overall web experiences for customers and prospective customers? What are the challenges and opportunities in doing so?

To find out the answer to these questions and more tune in to the Tweet Jam. Here are the questions that will be asked:

Learning Opportunities

  1. Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) are by nature broad. What are your top 3 Marketing Automation functions?
  2. Marketing Automation creates a data silo, how is this causing pain for you today?
  3. MAP and WEM overlap in areas like landing pages, forms, activity tracking and profiles. Are we destined to be stuck with this or is there a better way?
  4. WEM requires intelligence, which requires data. How can we use MAP data for better WEM?
  5. What are the challenges to integrating Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) and WEM platforms?
  6. What's the most interesting opportunity around better integration of MAP and WEM?

Meet Tweet Jam Panelists

Anyone interested is welcome to join the event and connect with our panelists. The easiest way to join the conversation is by following or including the #CXMChat hashtag.

This month's expert panel will include:

  • Aaron Dun -- Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, Percussion Software -- @ajdun
  • Bryan House -- Vice President of Product Marketing, Acquia -- @bryanhouse
  • Cathy McKnight -- Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group -- @cathymcknight
  • Dan Darnell -- Vice President of Marketing and Product, Baynote -- @dkdarnell
  • David Hillis -- Vice President of Business Development, Ingeniux -- @davidhillis
  • Deb Lavoy -- Director of Strategic Marketing, OpenText -- @deb_lavoy
  • Doug Heise -- Product marketing Director, CoreMedia — @coremedia_news
  • Frank del Pinto -- Director of Product Marketing and WEM, OpenText -- @fdelpinto
  • Gavin Heaton -- Vice President and Principal Analyst of Digital Marketing Transformation, Constellation Research -- @servantofchaos
  • Irina Guseva -- Senior Analyst, Real Story Group -- @irina_guseva
  • Jason Miller -- Social Media Strategist, Marketo -- @JasonMillerCA 
  • Julie Hunt -- Solution Strategist, Julie Hunt Consulting -- @juliebhunt
  • Jonathon Agger -- Director of Product Marketing, OpenText -- @jagger8
  • Martijn van Berkum -- CTO & Founder, GX Software -- @njitram
  • Roland Benedetti -- Vice President of Product Services, eZ Systems -- @rolandbenedetti
  • Scott Brinker -- President and CTO, Ion Interactive -- @chiefmartec
  • Sunil Menon -- CTO Promote, HP Autonomy -- @sunilmenon
  • Thom Robbins -- Chief Evangelist, Kentico CMS -- @trobbins
  • Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer -- CMO, Hippo -- @tbrenninkmeijer
  • Trip Kucera --  Senior Research Analyst of Marketing Effectiveness, Aberdeen -- @tripkucera

The Details

To hear our expert's weigh in, join us Wednesday, February 27th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 1800 GMT. The easiest way to follow is to use the #CXMChat hashtag. We will be setting up a chat room and sending out the details via Twitter on the day of the jam. Hope to see you there!