The Customer Life Cycle Experience belongs to everyone and no one. Every person within an organization who comes in contact with a customer is responsible for carrying the torch of customer service. And if you listen real close, your analytics can tell you what the customer wants. These and other insights were among those shared with us during this month's Tweet Jam.

5 Years Later

Where were you in 2008? Social media was in its infancy. Most companies wanted nothing to do with social, despite its growing popularity among consumers. The idea of engaging with a brand on Twitter or Facebook sent shivers down the spine of every CEO. The Chief Marketing Officer held little, if any, clout in the boardroom.

Five years later, the customer has driven companies to become more socially engaged. Customer expectations have shifted the way companies operate and have challenged them to build loyalty. The stakes are high, but the rewards are worth it.


It Takes a Village

This is where it gets tricky. It isn't that we don't want the customers to own the consumer life cycle, it's just that there are so many hands on deck it can get hard to really know for sure. It also depends on how proactive or reactive companies are about the customer experience. What can be agreed upon is that unless everyone is in it to win it, your customer experience strategy will fail.


It's in the Way that You Use It

Analytics is just the first step. The challenge is knowing what to look and listen for. Your analytics is like an ancient cipher -- it holds all the answers, but only if you know how to unlock its secrets.

Yet, even if you are able to unlock it -- without knowing what do it with it you won't get very far. Having effective business processes set up so analytics can drive action is essential.



Customer Success is All About Culture

We didn't get too specific about tools -- but we do know that all of them are helpful, especially Customer Relationship Management. Many panelists agreed that it's tools and data are worthless without action. The real challenge is finding the tools that align with your organizational culture. If people won't use it or if they don't know how, even the best tool won't help.


Different Day, Same Challenges

If you had to narrow down the challenges of adopting a customer life cycle experience strategy, many would start with people, whether it's the C-suite or the boots on the ground. Like so many chats before, while the topic may change, the challenges stay the same. If you want a safe bet -- always bet on People, Processes and Technology to slow you down.




We've Come a Long Way...

Despite the growing pains, who would have thought the customer life cycle experience would have come so far in just five years. And yet, for ever company that successfully engages with its customers, many more struggle. It seems that we are headed in the right direction, but the secret to our success isn't indicative of the technologies that emerge, it's in our ability to adapt and thrive.