Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening? While more and more companies are embracing the voice of their customer, what the customers says isn’t always true or accurate. How can organizations begin to filter reliable feedback from the noise? We spoke with Questback’s Senior Methodologist, Darren Bosik about how feedback software management solutions can amplify the voice of customer.

When the Customer Speaks...

Social media has played a pivotal role in connecting what the customer is saying about a brand or product to the overall management of the customer experience. Listening to what the customer says is one thing, however. Asking the right questions and listening for answers, is another. Questback, as you might recall, helps brands listen, act and turn social conversations into structured dialogue. They also empower companies to invite customers to leverage feedback within a community setting.

By crowdsourcing the voice of the customer, Bosik says companies can assert more control over the conversation by letting users collaborate on a common theme. Furthermore, not all of your brand followers are the same. Some are more critical, while others can be blindly loyal. By identifying those customers who are most valuable (hint: it’s not always the happy ones), companies can assemble a group of active, passionate problem solvers and thought leaders to help propel your brand forward.



Incentivize, Empower, Analyze 

Creating a successful customer community depends on a lot of factors, namely having a sound strategy and clear objectives. But there also has to be something in it for the community. With Questback’s software, for example, companies can incentivize feedback for its members with relevant rewards. Ideally, while your customer community should feel valued for their time and participation, the organization should be able to effectively leverage their insights into action.

Specific actions can include new product development or message development depending on what kind of questions or activities you employ. Insight provided can help you better understand your audience so you can provide more relevant experiences for them. But it’s not just about customers. The same type of communities can be very useful to engage employees or to connect the customer to the people who manage their experience internally.

In the background, Questback in continually working to improve its text analytics, data aggregation and usabilty so that users can manage community insights from within one dashboard. By being able to make sense of the social data collected, from across blogs, chats, discussion groups and comments on social networks, the analytics of feedback information can be incorporated into how the company works.

Don't Just Sit There - Move Forward!

The social data you’re collecting is important, but if you’re waiting until your customer speaks before you act, you’re not moving forward. Collecting relevant feedback helps makes companies smarter. By understanding the drivers of customer trends and attitudes, organizations can predict behaviors better and anticipate customer needs, which ultimately improves the customer experience over time. Crowdsourcing the voice of the customer gives companies the ability to harness active voices in meaningful direction -- forward!