Digital marketing is all about knowing who your customer is, engaging with them and turning this interaction into revenue for your company. But responding to social media posts isn't the only way to identify who these people are, as can be seen through a couple of this week's digital marketing releases.

Lattice salesPrism

Lattice Engines, a Big Data solutions provider has released its new Big Data analytics platform: salesPRISM. Lattice has found that a lot of other analytics and Big Data solutions only provide information from a single, specified time frame, but salesPRISM expands on this idea with a continual updated stream of trends and other relevant data including posts and job listings.

Using external and internal Big Data, which includes information from CRM, purchase histories, Linkedin and OneSource,  social data is combined with a predictive analysis tool to help provide marketers with a better picture of potential sales leads and customers.

Another feature that will be included in salesPRISM is the the Lattice Social Activity Index that monitors changes in social posts and activity. While the platform is now available, the Social Activity Index will be released later this year.


Brightcove Video Cloud Live

As video becomes more accessible through smartphones, tablets and desktop computers the need to utilize this form of content as a marketing platform is evident. This week cloud content services provider, Brightcove, released Brightcove Video Cloud Live for its Video Cloud Studio. It enables marketers to more efficiently use live video content for promotional and engagement purposes. Features include adding ads to videos, automatically having live events saved for on-demand purposes and real-time analytics data.

In using the Video Cloud Live's dashboard, users also will be able to design custom players within the Video Cloud Publishing Platform that have pre-roll ads, sponsorship bumps and watermarks, and ensure that videos can be played on any screen size or network with a pre-configured SD/HD rendition sets.

Tablets are on the Rise

The accessibility of video isn't the only tool that’s making strides in marketing. In this technology infused world mobile is now the norm, but the type of mobile devices making an impact is changing. According to Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Q1 2013 report the amount of mobile impressions, especially from tablets is increasing.

Compared to 2012, these devices now make up a quarter of impressions, which is up five percent from 2012, leading to a 75 to 70 percent decrease in smartphone impressions.

In a breakdown of specific tablets, despite Android growing 96 percent in impressions from 2012 to 2013, iOS tablets were on still on top with 54 percent followed by Android at 45 percent and Blackberry at one percent. 

Android has also made other strides over the past few years as it's become a more favorable tool. In 2010 it only accounted for six percent of usage, where it’s now at 49 percent. Coinciding with this, iOS moved from 70 to 52 percent over the last three years.


Currently the top tablet devices, according to the report, are the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Nexus Tablet and the Asus Transformer Pad.

Additionally, the report also noted Apple was the top mobile manufacturer with 36.8 percent of impressions and the iPhone was the top smartphone device in a list of the top 20. It was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S and Blackberry Curve.