It’s all about content, right? This week, we learned that 90% of content is screen-based, so it’s not just about what you write, but where it gets published that influences its reach and success. Keeping track of your content has never been easy, but thanks to a few updates from some smaller digital marketing platforms, it’s getting easier to track, analyze and manage your content across platforms.

Marketing Analytics that Influence

BlogFrog, whom we met at Content Marketing World last month, has announced integrated analytics capabilities for its Influencer Marketing platform. Designed to provide brands with an online dashboard that presents a full view of campaign metrics, influencer monitoring and social engagement, the new features let users focus in on who read -- and took action based on -- the content, as well as who shared it across all a variety of social networks.

By helping brands identify and mobilize topic-based social media influencers (those who create content on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms), the BlogFrog Influencer Marketing platform may become a critical component of customer engagement strategies.

Digital Mtg Roll-Up: BlogFrog, Outbrain Use Analytics to Target Influencers

BlogFrog's real-time, interactive dashboard is built around your channels and aggregates many of the capabilities in a single page.

Content Worth Discovering

Sometimes the hardest part of content management is not tracking it, but targeting it to the appropriate audience. Thanks to a new content discovery platform called Outbrain, companies can find and acquire an audience for their content. By using personalized links at the bottom of online articles, such as “Recommended Reading” or “You Might Also Like,” Outbrain is able to grow an audience by distributing your content on other sites, where people are looking for something new to discover.

Previously only available for large brands and publishers, this week, Outbrain opened up its platform with a self-serve product for individual bloggers and small businesses. Using a pay-per-click model and a daily campaign minimum of just US$ 10, Outbrain's self-serve platform gives smaller businesses a cost-effective opportunity to maximize the reach of their content marketing efforts.


Digital Mtg Roll-Up: BlogFrog, Outbrain Use Analytics to Target Influencers

Once a business submits its content via an RSS reader or individual links, that content appears as an editorial recommendation -- "Suggestions for Further Reading" or "More From Around the Web" -- on hundreds of premium publisher sites like CNN, MSNBC and Mashable. Customers are able to monitor their results via Outbrain's analytics dashboard and can actively manage specific campaign efforts, including budget.

Socialot Integrates Leads

For smaller companies looking to better understand where potential leads socially engage, Socialot introduces an easy way to keep track of them.

Back in July, we introduced you to Socialot, a social media marketing platform designed specifically for the small business owner. This week, Socialot added the ability for users to seamlessly integrate Socialot with their website forms, which allows all your leads to go directly in to the Socialot system. As soon as a lead is in the system, Socialot automatically searches for it across all their social media networks.

Digital Mtg Roll-Up: BlogFrog, Outbrain Use Analytics to Target Influencers

Socialot makes it easy for the small business user to customize a web form and generate the code to be used on the website.

This not only helps you best understand what networks are most relevant to your audience, but allows you to push out content directly to them, within the same platform.