Doing Social Media Marketing Right, Back At You
Implementing a social media marketing strategy within the enterprise doesn’t happen overnight. Getting the C-suite on board can be a lengthy, laborious task. Yet, once you finally get their approval, you’re actually expected to be able to accurately measure and interpret its impact. Those looking for the right tool may want to consider a new tool, Back At You.

Taking a Look Back At You

Back At You is a self-service platform designed to let business owners and marketing teams create, launch and analyze social media marketing campaigns and promotions. Proving that your company can garner likes and followers is one thing. It’s another to understand how to engage them after the fact. Back At You is focused on helping organizations grow their customer base and creating a viral buzz. As part of every marketing promotion, clients have access to their own set of detailed metrics to analyze its performance and ROI.

Having been in beta for the past few months, Back At You has already been working with more than 50 campaigns reaching millions of fans. As a result, Back At You boasts some impressive stats, including:

  • 300-400% increase in conversions of Facebook Likes using the Company’s Facebook Like promotion compared to a standard Facebook Page not using the technology
  • 85% of participants in a marketing campaign posted the brands predefined image and message to their Facebook Wall
  • 200 people, on average, were exposed to the brands’ promotion for each Facebook Wall post

Technology, Guidance, Promotion

Of course, these tools don’t guarantee anything more than being able to effectively track your campaign. However, what they do offer can lend itself to helping your campaigns extend their reach, which can aid its success. With more than five types of promotions and nine built-in features, including customer service, analytics and Facebook and Twitter integration, your company’s social campaigns can be customized, accessed, and shared appropriately. For example, with its Feedback Collector, users can collect feedback, reviews, comments or anything else from their audience and create a promotion that rewards uses to participate and provide feedback.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you implement, integrate and analyze a social media marketing campaign, Back At You offers a flexible platform from which to engage and cultivate your audience, while providing the C-Suite with metrics that reaffirm the ROI of customer engagement.