Enchancements in elcomCMS 8.2, web cms
Enhancements in version 8.2 of elcomCMS cover a wide range of functions.

The web content management system has become the Swiss Army knife of software -- a tool for most situations. To keep up with that requirement for omni-utility, Australia-based elcom has released version 8.2 of its elcomCMS, with enhancements in social media, cloud docs, meetings, projects, mobile and more. 

The .NET-based CMS, targeted at mid-market companies, is designed as a solution for websites, intranets, extranets, mobile sites, social, e-commerce, learning management and online marketing. New features in elcomCMS 8.2 include single sign-on using the OAuth third party standard, so that users can employ their Facebook, Twitter or Google IDs to log into a site. Social Stats now allow site members to see a breakdown of pages they have shared, so that, elcom suggests, sites can grant awards or other recognition for top sharers. Events managed through the elcomCMS Events Manager module can now be published directly to a Facebook page.

Cloud Storage Integration

A new “Most Popular Content” feature ranks content based on views, comments and ratings. Comments, which can be added to articles, can also now be pushed into social sites so that members can participate in site discussions from their social hangouts. Social stream comments, as well as status updates, have been made searchable.

The updated version is now integrated with Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box and other cloud storage services, so that documents and files can be accessed directly from elcomCMS.

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A new module, Meeting Manager, provides a central location for meeting managers to schedule meetings, send invites, assign meeting roles, set agendas and upload meeting documents. Task Manager, introduced in the last update, has been updated to include the ability to view all tasks via a dashboard, and to add comments or set start/due dates to tasks.

SCORM, Responsive Images

SCORM-compliant learning content, such as next buttons, quizzes, hot spots, or drag and drop, can now function within elcomCMS. SCORM, or Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a standard for sharing Web-based e-learning content.

Other enhancements in version 8.2 include the ability to automatically create and store smaller images from desktop-sized ones, so that the correctly-sized image can be responsively delivered for a given screen size, such as for mobile devices.

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Responsive Images in elcomCMS

There’s also now a PayPal connector, additional image editing functionality, and a function to specify certain content as being Premium. Premium subscribers will receive the entire article, while non-subscribers will only see the title and brief description.

Overall, there are a number of key updates for elcomCMS, many focused better support for social and mobile. The education updates (SCORM-compliance) also indicate a key market for elcom.