Brainshark aims to improve how Eloqua customers use videos as a marketing tool, by improving their overall consumer appeal.

Video Marketing is Popular

Brainshark, is a cloud-based video marketing tool that provides users with the ability to share, track and improve their video marketing campaigns.

In a statement, Chief Marketing Officer of Brainshark, Andy Zimmerman explained that it's becoming harder for marketers to promote products. They not only have to present themselves in unique fashion, but create content quickly that's readily available for not only PCs, but mobile and tablet devices. With the addition of Brainshark Presentations into the Eloqua AppCloud, Eloqua users can use these video enhancement tools to improve on their consumer relationships and subsequently, their overall company sales and consumer reach.

Some of the features include:

  • Video content from Brainshark can be used with campaigns and landing pages created through Eloqua.
  • Users are able to track their video content and see who’s viewing it and what their reactions are.
  • Video can not only be created in Brainshark, but based on consumer feedback, Eloqua users can easily update and re-purpose the content.
  • Eloqua can use Brainshark’s in-depth analytics tool to have a broader sense where their marketing focus should be.

A Year of Changes for Eloqua

Eloqua , which recently became a publicly traded company, introduced a an automated marketing tool last month. The tool, called Eloqua Asset Management, is compatible with the Eloqua AppCloud and focuses on enabling managers and marketers to make their marketing automation solutions relevant to specific markets.

This new partnership with BrainShark isn't the only partnership venture for Eloqua, In July they integrated with’s Chatter. Eloqua users, whether or not members of, are able to use this feature without leaving the Eloqua platform. This new partnership between the two companies will give marketers the chance to develop more skills for communication and collaboration with their colleagues.