Email Marketing Meets Automation in Marketo Solution

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Email marketing is getting more and more personal -- or at least that’s what vendors are aiming for in this space lately. Marketo is the latest provider to announce a solution aimed at providing emailmarketers with an automated campaign targeted for better, longer-lastingconnections with customers..

Move to Automated

Marketo, a marketing automation provider, today announced the release of the Dialog Edition, which enables end users to move from traditional email marketing to automated email campaigns. 

Digital Edition helps marketers respond to individual behaviors in real-time with personalized content. Marketo is hailing its solution as a first to offer the same advanced capabilities in a package built for the email marketer. It will be available on Oct. 25.

Why This Product?

CMSWire asked Matt Zilli, senior product marketing manager of Marketo, to describe the solution’s “wow factor,” and what distinguishes it from others in the market.

“There's nothing else like Dialog on the market,” Zilli said. “There are your email service providers that specialize in sending batch emails and there are marketing automation platforms that empower marketers to have personalized conversations with customers and prospects. Dialog's wow factor is that it allows frustrated email marketers to take a step closer to marketing automation.” 

Email marketers are in a “rut” with email, Zilli said, and they want more data, more analytics and more cross-channel insights.

“But the only technology they have in front of them is a batch-and-blast approach that sends out thousands of untriggered, poorly targeted emails at a time,” Zilli added. “For these marketers, Dialog allows them to rise above the marketing noise and start building personalized email relationships based on insight gathered through the web and social channels.”

Industry Trends

It was just a month ago that ExactTarget unveiled a variety of new email marketing products. The new products introduce advanced mobile optimization, predictive content and a new user interface and are intended to drive email marketing that features personalized content chosen from predictive analytics.

Learning Opportunities

Yesmail earlier this month came out with Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence, which offers improved inboxing metrics, blacklist reports, creative rendering for emails and an updated deliverability strategy

This past summer, SDL updated its Intelligent Marketing Suite with the addition of video capabilities in email marketing campaigns.

While the jury is out on how these products are doing, we know what -- and who -- works in email marketing, generally. A report earlier this year that studied the email messages of 2,787 brands distributed throughout 2012 found education, computer hardware, telecom and electronics and retail were the highest performing verticals.

What are top performers doing better than others? They are notably more vigilant about verifying email addresses, for instance, before adding them to the database and about performing list hygiene to remove undeliverable addresses.

So regardless of the product, evaluating your methods around your campaign remains crucial.

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