Behavioral merchandising. That’s a new dimension now available for EPiServer Commerce, thanks to an integration between that company’s platform and Apptus’ technology.

With the Apptus self-learning add-on, product navigation can be automatically generated, personalized recommendations and offers can be provided on an individual basis, and, EPiServer said, retailers can increase customer satisfaction, conversion rates and orders.

Improve Conversion Rates

The EPiServer Commerce platform provides web content management, catalog management and payments for running a full-featured e-shop.

The company said that the plug-and-play add-on, which uses pre-built widgets for quick deployment, offers a method for improving conversion rates without adding more resources. Using auto-generated behavioral merchandising, the idea is to avoid the maintenance otherwise required to manage personalized experiences by building and managing multiple rules and settings.

The add-on provides more relevant searching via auto complete and “did you mean” functions, creates and updates navigation in the most relevant order, and offers such recommendation features as top sellers, recommendations in the cart, product page recommendations and recently viewed.

The primary target for this automatic, targeted marketing are retailers with large numbers of products and customers, such as those with large product catalogs who need help with providing the most relevant search results, offers and product recommendations.

Search and Recommendation Improve As Well

The automatic generation and targeting utilizes an analysis of such data as past purchases, trending top sellers, shopping basket activity and other recent actions. The companies said that Apptus’ technology is the only solution that utilizes the same behavioral software for both search/navigation and recommendation.

Bob Egner, EPiServer vice president of product management, said in a statement that, while personalized shopping experiences are an “essential” part of taking online e-commerce to the next level, “providing a personalized visitor experience based on huge and complex product catalogs can be a real challenge.”

Apptus CEO Michael Mokhberi added that, until now, “solutions with this level of advanced capabilities have only been available to large retailers with multi-million dollar budgets.” 

The addition of this technology goes hand in hand with a number of recent updates by EPiServer recently, including its introduction of a new product information system (PIM) and integration of Google Analytics. The vendor is definitely focused on improving the e-commerce customer experience.