Businesses are increasingly using social media for promotion and engagement. However, there is only so much you can do with a social network's basic feature set. Facebook offers tagging in photo albums, but this is limited by default to persons and pages. Companies that want to promote products or services through photos will need more flexibility than just being able to tag friends. An application called Tangelo Tags solves this problem by letting users add any information to photo tags.

Interactive Brand Photos

Tangelo Tags is a Facebook application that lets users include interactive information in their photo tags. This can be useful in many ways. For instance, products featured on photos can include information on the price and even add a URL to an e-Commerce page, where users can purchase the item right away. Tangelo also opens the possibility for richer action sets, such as booking a hotel room straight from the Facebook photo.

Tangelo Tags Clothes Tags-w600.jpg

With this app, users won't be limited to simply opening a friend's Facebook profile or another brand page when clicking a photo tag. Rather, fans can actually take action straight from tagged photos.

How it Works

Tagging photos with custom information is fairly straightforward with Tangelo Tags. Facebook users might be familiar with the usual tagging mechanism -- you click on a face and you type in a name. Some businesses would post product shots on their photo albums and tag several areas with friends' names, but this is often considered spamming among Facebook users. With Tangelo Tags, you can actually add value by putting in detailed information into the photo, which interested users can use in making purchase decisions.

Tangelo Tags Creating Tags

The prerequisite, of course, is giving the app permissions to access your account. Once you have authorized Tangelo Tags, you can now use the app to edit photos in existing photo albums or upload new photos with additional details. 

  • Step 1: Select a photo from an existing gallery, or upload a new one.
  • Step 2: Click on a point on the photo to create tags. Messages are up to 300 characters. You can enter a URL and a link to an existing account.
  • Publish the photo.
  • Share the photo with your friends.

Our Take

Tangelo Tags is a fairly straightforward solution to a basic thing lacking from Facebook photos. With this tagging feature, users can add longer pieces of text and even link photos to external pages, giving Facebook photos added interactivity. The implications for business are even bigger, freeing up brands to interact and share information with potential customers directly from the Facebook page.