Facebook Updates Ads Manager Reports
The steady stream of updates to Facebook’s advertising platform continues with changes to the Ads Manager Reports and the Mobile App Install Ads tools.

Improving Analytics 

Advertising and digital marketing are complicated. Despite this, there are a variety of tools, on different platforms, that aim to improve the process -- a list that includes Facebook. Through updates to the Facebook Ads Manager, which helps with campaign management, analytics reports will now be more organized and easier to understand.

With this update advertisers will have more control over which data is used in a report and have better access to this information. Instead of having to pull a bunch of different reports  to get specific data such as cost per click and cost per conversion, all of  business analytics information is available in one place and can be added to a report as needed.

Facebook Ads Manager Update

Another of the Ads Manager updates focuses on ROI. Advertisers can now measure their brand’s reach and ad frequency on any data range, campaign or account and will be able to measure "unique" metrics more proficiently, such as cost per unique click. This performance data is then broken down into key demographics such as age, gender, country. Advertisers will also be able to see how effective the placement of an ad in a news feed has on its targeted audience.

According to Facebook these changes will be gradually adapted into the platform over the next few weeks.

A Mobile App Install Update

Along with the Ads Manager update Facebook has also changed how developers can create mobile app install ads, or how companies promote their apps to users.

Previously with Mobile App Install Ads developers had to register their app with Facebook before creating an ad, but now all a developer has to do is paste a link to either the iTunes or Google Play page into the Ads Create Tool ad to begin the process.

Facebook Mobile App Install

A Facebook Benefit

In many reports, it’s been speculated that these updates aren’t only beneficial for those who use the tools, but Facebook as well.

Speaking of the Mobile App Install Ads update, Ken Yeung wrote that it would help improve Facebook's revenue.

The simplification of this mobile ad product could help spur an increase in what companies are spending simply because of its efficiency."

While, updates to the Ad Manager can help Facebook make additional improvements to the advertising platform if certain features aren't working as well as advertisers would like.

The measurement system shows if Facebook buys are doing better in terms of particular ad placements, e.g., News Feed ads, promoted posts, display, etc,” wrote Christopher Heine.

A Simplification Process

As was mentioned, these updates are part of an internal movement by Facebook to make its advertising tools more efficient. Other recent updates include the removal of half of its ad products and the launch of social context ads to replace sponsored stories, new ad sizing options and an update to Facebook Insights.