Grow Your Social Media Campaign with Customizer Enterprise
Say what you will about Facebook, it’s still a targeted marketing platform used by companies, organizations and brands alike. And though a company’s Facebook page may be less frequented once fans are cultivated, its design is still heavily regarded as a sign of an engaged brand. But designing professional-quality Facebook tabs isn’t always easy. Until now.

Customize Your Facebook Presence

GroSocial has launched Customizer Enterprise, an online tool that gives business the tools to design Facebook tabs and deliver them to the connected Facebook pages of thousands of partners-- retailers, franchisees and distributors -- in their networks

The Customizer platform has been a GroSocial favorite, allowing users to combine widgets, design tools and in-depth analytics for their Facebook Page. Now, Customizer brings this functionality to the enterprise so organizations can enhance their brands by running custom-designed promotional tabs across their partner networks on Facebook. Additionally, the enterprise version lets companies leverage their partnerships within their network by promoting sales, running customized contests and other user incentives.

Create, Engage, Maintain

GroSocial doesn’t just provide an easy, affordable way to create engagement incentives for your audience; it also allows companies to maintain control over their brands by determining which aspects of their tabs can and cannot be modified by distributors and other strategic partners in their networks. Usually, social media engagement requires letting go, but Customizer Enterprise makes it possible to ensure that specific branding attributes stay intact, making it a viable option that works for companies and fans.