customer experience: hootsuite sugarcrm app
Sales and customer service professionals who use the HootSuite App Directory now have a better way to find, engage and nurture leads through a new SugarCRM app.

Expanding the App Directory with SugarCRM

Social media is something that is everywhere and part of every moment in a person’s life -- which can include the CRM process for sales and customer service teams. HootSuite aims to make this a more efficient process through its new SugarCRM app integration that works with 'social messages' to improve a businesses' lead experience.

Even though it's designed for both sales teams and customer service teams to use, each group uses the app a little differently.

For sales teams the SugarCRM app can be used to create a better, more detailed list of leads and other notable contacts. In turn, the list can help these teams with speed and productivity, help them find higher quality leads and discover more social opportunities. Sales teams will also be able to create social profiles, such as those from Facebook or Twitter, of their leads from within the HootSuite dashboard.

Customer service representatives and teams will be able to connect and engage with clients across any customer platform including online communities, help desks and calls centers. From there they can create individual cases and use this information to improve the customer experience and solve complaints and other issues more quickly. Users should also note that they are able to edit case descriptions directly from a social message on one of these channels and categorize cases by priority level and type.

Based on the information collected for leads and cases, sales and customer service teams can also share this information with colleagues to ensure that follow-ups are done as quickly as possible.

The SugarCRM app is available for free for HootSuite’s enterprise clients, but for those that aren’t it carries a US$ 4.99 /month price tag.

HootSuite and SugarCRM: In the News

Since the start of 2013, there have been a variety of other integrations and apps added to the HootSuite App Directory. These have included Salesforce, YouTube and Vidyard. The company also launched a developer program in March to improve the directory.

As for SugarCRM, the company has made a few business related announcements and product releases over the past few months. Just a few weeks ago the company announced a partnership with BroadVision, while earlier in the year it co-released the ProcessMaker for SugarCRM edition, updated its mobile apps and expanded its partnership with NextPrinciples.