Hootsuite has been busy the past few weeks. Two weeks ago they announced a partnership with HubSpot to connect social media to generating, managing and nurturing leads. Shortly before that they introduced HootSuite Teams, designed to help businesses manage their social identity more effectively across multiple networks. Today, they expanded their LinkedIn beta to all HootSuite users and will be offering comprehensive support to LinkedIn Company Pages.

Hootsuite Helps Community Managers Stay LinkedIn

All these new additions are helping to solidify Hootsuite’s place in the community manager’s tool box. As social media platforms rapidly evolve, the tools to effectively manage them aren’t usually as quick to keep up. By being able to access LinkedIn Company Pages from within Hootsuite, managers will be able to streamline tasks to monitor, engage and seamlessly collaborate across channels.

LinkedIn Company Pages have quickly become a must manage social channel for businesses, and integrating these pages gives HootSuite one of the largest developments for a third-party LinkedIn integration on a social media platform.

From Enterprise to Everyone

Though once available to their enterprise users only, HootSuite decided that there was enough demand (it was their fifth most requested feature) to bring new integration functionalities, like LinkedIn Company Pages, to their entire user base.

With this integration, users can monitor, schedule and post to company pages via Hootsuite. They can also like and comment on company posts, view scheduled updates as a stream and see all company updates in the stream. Support for Company Pages joins currently LinkedIn support for Profiles, Group and Job Listing Streams.


Users are able to authenticate their LinkedIn account within the HootSuite dashboard, and will be presented with a full list of LinkedIn Profiles, Groups and Company Pages they currently manage, which can be added to any of their HootSuite dashboard streams.