In 2012, the focus on customer experience was all about delivering a great experience across platforms, channels and touch points. Leveraging key user data is integral, but so is delivering key messages and opportunities back to the user.

Delivering CXM 

Back in the beginning of the year, we declared digital marketing analytics as the future of customer experience.

Most companies have a variety of databases that collect various pieces of information about a customer or prospect -- and chances are they don't all seamlessly integrate with each other. Imagine the amount of valuable data that could be shared if they all connected together? By combining content and analytics with demographic and transactional data most brands should be able to provide customers with the right information at the right time -- which is a big part of a successful customer experience strategy.

But technology alone rarely solves the problem -- it take a strategic approach in understanding the information and how to use it. The other big part of the customer experience is the human connection. Whether you're on the phone, writing an email or responding to questions on social media, a company's interaction with a customer is critical. As such, your social media marketing strategy should align with your automated technology so that they compliment each other.

CXM 2012.png

Learning Opportunities

The Mobile Customer Experience

It shouldn't be a surprise that mobile plays a large role in how companies manage the customer experience. With mobile dominating how people work, shop, engage and connect with others, a company's customer experience strategy should extend itself just as easily to mobile as it does across more traditional channels.

Can users successfully complete transactions? Can customers leave a website and pick up where they left off on a mobile site? Can they navigate your site just as effectively from a smaller screen as they can a larger one? Mobile will continue to shape the future of the customer experience and with more device choices every day, companies that aren't prepared will get left behind.

In 2012, we provided a blueprint for how to set up the right digital marketing systems, as well as strategies for effective customer engagement. In 2013, we look forward to following companies as they begin to put these plans into action.