In an effort to continue to improve its advertisement services, LinkedIn has announced the addition of an ads API to their advertising platform. 

Currently, advertisers who promote over LinkedIn do so with a self-serve platform. They can create text, image ads and more recently video ads. These ads can be geared to a certain type of professional with an ad targeting option, such as job title, job function, company name or age. LinkedIn Ads also helps marketers with costs by offering a pay-per-click option.

Although an adequate way to create ads, LinkedIn has developed a more efficient way for advertisers to create multiple and larger ad campaigns with their API option. This option will not only increase revenue for the social network , but also can improve how well a campaign is received. .

The Features of Ad API

Not only does the Ad API feature give marketers more developmental control, but it also offers the following features:

  • Marketing teams can build their own marketing tools through the platform.
  • Direct communication with LinkedIn's product management team.
  • Users can create a number of different ad campaigns at one time.
  • Ads can be tested on the network, before their official launch.

This launch is not complete without some help from developers to help build the product. The LinkedIn ads API developer team currently includes include Adobe, Bizo, Mediabrix and Unified Social. To become an API partner, interested parties have to apply by filling out a developer form.

Improving LinkedIn

This updated ad platform is part of a list of updates that the social network has unveiled in the last year. Along with the ads API and video ads, the network also introduced a promoted content feature. It also improved the look of its site and user profiles with the addition of company pages and new editing tools.

Following Facebook

LinkedIn isn't the only social network to use an API as part of an advertising platform. In 2011, Facebook launched their own ads API feature. It allowed marketers and developers campaign management and performance tracking with tools such as ads, pages and an Insights API. Last year, the company updated their API  by integrating with operating systems used in iPhone and iPads, so that app developers could interact more with their customers.