LiveHive 20 Tracks How Prospects Engage with Content

It must be hard being a digitally-inclined sales professional these days. In addition to, you know, actually making sales, you have to track everything you're sending out.

To help assess prospects' engagement with content, LiveHive recently launched version 2.0 of its cloud-based sales acceleration platform.

LiveHive's assessment of prospects is built around the idea that customers are doing much of their own product research and don't interact with sales professionals until they're more than halfway through the sales process. Sharing personalized marketing materials through social networks, email or links, and then tracking their use, is key to LiveHive's approach for determining who is a likely customer.

Prospect Ranking

The 2.0 update introduces Opportunity Ranking, PowerPoint Insights and Sales Coverage Insights.

Opportunity Ranking ranks leads based on their perceived engagement activities with content. With PowerPoint Insights, a PowerPoint presentation can be dragged-and-dropped into LiveHive for sharing with a prospect. To help determine engagement, the salesperson can track which slides the prospect has looked at and for how long. Users can see maps through Sales Coverage, which shows the prospects, their link or email address and their social networks.

The platform also integrates with information from Salesforce, provides the ability for salespeople to engage and track their own email campaigns and offers private workspaces where customers or colleagues can collaborate.

With so many sales tools out there, how does LiveHive differentiate itself? Fritz Mueller, vice president of products at LiveHive, told CMSWire that opportunity ranking is one of the platform's key differentiators.

Screenshot, LiveHive.jpg

Screenshot from LiveHive 2.0

Engagement Activities

"The score is calculated through engagement activities," he said, which can include when someone opens an item or views an attached item. If either the email or the item is shared, the system shows who, when and where. "I don't know anyone else who tracks that kind of engagement," Mueller said.

He also pointed to locations of prospects -- determined by IP and based on their opportunity ranking – and to profiles that show a history of sharing, which can indicate interest in a product.

Laura Lilyquest, vice president of marketing and sales at the company, told us that the first iteration of LiveHive focused on the top content that was being used by prospects.

"That's where we started," she said, "and then focused [in the next iteration] on team activity," and now the company has moved on to opportunity ranking through engagement activity.

Where will the platform go next? "Predictive analysis" is being planned for 3.0, she said, where future behavior of prospects or would-be prospects will be estimated.

Images from LiveHive.