Social lead management meets marketing automation today in a partnership between Leadspace and Marketo -- and based on market trends here, we're not surprised with the partnership.

'Deeper Profiling'

Prospect finder Leadspace today launches a new release of its SaaS-based social lead targeting solution that integrates with Marketo’s marketing automation software. B2B marketers can automate and optimize their inbound marketing through this solution, Leadspace says.

Amnon Mishor, founder and vice president of products at Leadspace, told CMSWire in an interview this week that B2B marketers today need “much deeper profiling” of potential buyers. Through the Leadspace/Marketo solution, B2B marketers can gain access into potential buyers by automatically qualifying leads based on how well they match up against a company’s unique ideal buyer profile.

The software (using paid contact databases, social networks, websites, etc.) produces buying-potential rankings that help marketers eliminate soft leads, Mishor said. B2B marketers can use a function much like Google search to target these strong leads. It also shows when the lead is active online, enabling organizations to put them in the right marketing program and with the best salespeople.

customer experience, Marketo, Leadspace Team in Latest Marketing Automation Partnership

“We’ve automated the process … to find more structured data in real-time,” Mishor told CMSWire. “We match the data against all employees of the company to see what they’re talking about. … And you’re not stuck with leads who are no longer in the company.”

Leadspace enhances each lead with fresh contact information and social data that it pulls on-demand from numerous data sources. The enhanced data can then be fed in the Marketo lead database.

Standout Solution?

We asked Mishor what makes this partnership with Marketo unique in the industry.

Learning Opportunities

Automatically qualifying and scoring leads, he replied, based on matching marketers to the ideal buyer is a new thing. Leadspace and Marketo’s update includes the ability to gather information about “who this person is” through the social web.

What’s his job title? What’s his phone number? E-mail? The software can detect such information regardless of if the potential buyer has given companies such data.

“The ability to do that is a new thing and is really hard to do,” Mishor said. “That’s what’s being done here. … You have immediate feedback for your spend. In B2B, it’s really hard to make smart, scientific decisions on where to put your money, and we can tell you right away who the buyers you want to go after are.”

Marketing Automation Partnerships Trending

We predicted just a few weeks ago partnerships like this would be happening. Marketo seems to be a common denominator for a lot of these partnerships in the marketing automation space, too. 

But we’ve also seen movement from big players like ExactTarget, who made huge headlines in June when Salesforce bought it for US$ 2.5 billion. Everyone wants a piece of Salesforce, it seems -- Leadspace today confirmed its newest version for leads software is a tighter integration with for sales prospecting.

Just like we predicted two short weeks ago, we’ll do so again: succeeding here usually means a prerequisite of securing a strong partnership.