Measure The Real Impact of Online Video

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Measure The Real Impact of Online Video

We know that video plays an important part of one's content strategy. Now that a variety of social media platforms have made it easier to create, upload and share video, measuring the performance or impact of this unique content is bring new challenges to marketers and advertisers. Today, BrandAds has launched a new video analytics solution, BrandAds Bridge, designed to let media buyers see how their in-stream campaigns are performing across different media vendors and devices in one unified real-time dashboard.

Measuring Video's Impact Online

As video platforms, from YouTube to Vine and Instagram become more accessible and popular, all types of companies have begun to incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. Measuring the impact of these videos isn't always easy and may require using a variety of dashboards and third-party tools for reporting and analytics.

With BrandAds Bridge, however, brands have an effective and cost-effective way to measure the impact of any video ad campaign in one dashboard. Not only can advertisers use BrandAds Bridge to get immediate insights into more than 30 video ad performance metrics, they can also access baseline metrics like frequency, gross rating point (GRP), viewability and time spent, as well as real-time impact metrics such as brand lift by demographic segment, social lift, social sentiment and BrandAds’ own brand safety score.

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Learning Opportunities

BrandAds Bridge is able to provide such in-depth analytics thanks to its proprietary “Direct Audience Measurement” technology, which enables video advertisers to get consumer feedback within seconds of a campaign launching. Advertisers have the ability to watch their campaign performance metrics in real-time on the BrandAds Bridge dashboard. 

Video is Growing. Are Your Marketing Tools? 

There's no denying that video is among the fastest-growing digital ad formats, with US digital video ad spend forecasted to rise by 41.4 percent this year and by nearly 40 percent next year as well. Additionally, organizations are expected to shift budgets for video content creation away from TV to the web, where most video will be viewed. Just as we've evolved our marketing tools to measure the impact of our text-based content, it's becoming increasingly important for us to measure the reach and influence of our video content. 

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