YouTube Launches Video Series Users Turn Channels into A Business

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In the beginning YouTube was a site where users could post home videos or clips from television shows or movies, but this model has changed in the past eight years. Now many users use their channel to post original content, but are usually unable to get any revenue from what they post.This is about to change with the newly launched YouTube Pro Video Series.

A Video-Centric Business

Many of YouTube's users have moved beyond posting funny cat videos and use their channel as an information medium with product demos and interviews or as an entertainment portal for a web series or video blogs. In most instances the only thing users usually gain from this content are more subscribers, shares and comments.

This week, YouTube launched its Pro Series, a collection of videos designed to help those looking to make a profit from their videos or turn their channel into a business. The Pro Series will cover a variety of topics from crowdfunding to finding a manager.

Currently there is one, four part video series, “Working with Advertisers," that covers topics such as “Pitching an Idea to an Advertiser” and “Contracts and Pricing.”

New videos will be added the last week of every month.

Learning Opportunities

More Than a Video Platform

Overall, the idea of helping users get more out of their videos as gone over well with many critics,as it shows how much YouTube as evolved and where the company is headed.

YouTube has been looking at going beyond just being the Internet’s biggest database for video content to getting good original content and programming on its services,” wrote Anujeet Majumdar.

YouTube recently launched a paid channels service that could appeal to content developers and those looking for an alternative to Hulu or Netflix, while in 2011 the company launched Channels, a program designed to help select users get funding to create original content for YouTube.

Sam Gutelle also noted that the Pro Series will help those who are struggling to raise their viewership.

Even the biggest stars on YouTube started out with just one subscriber,” he wrote. “As sappy as this sounds, the The Pro Series will allow successful people to share their experiences, so that many others may complete a similar journey from amateur uploader to YouTube pro.”

More YouTube Updates

Along with the Pro Series and the previously mentioned paid channels service, YouTube has announced a few other updates over the last few months.These updates include the launch of the YouTube One Channel, an updated analytics platform and the ability to connect videos to Google+ business pages.