Social influence moderator, Traackr and Nimble, a customer relationship management platform, have announced a partnership that that will enable companies to better track and engage with influencers in end-to-end marketing campaigns.

Influencing the Influencer

When engaging across social channels, marketers set out to engage with and sway their targeted audience with product promotion and conversation, but they aren't the only social media users that can do this. Influencers, or other users who have an impact on what others do or say also have a strong voice across social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, and can sometimes encourage other users to like one trend or product over another.

Now, Nimble users will be able to connect their accounts to Traackr, which through a combined effort creates a solution that breaks free from past constraints. By sharing information between the two platforms Nimble and Traackr users will be able to better discover and track influencer trends, as well as improve relationships, nurture leads and monitor analytics data.

The decision to combine results from findings made by Traackr, (Note, Traackr recently introduced a new Influencer Network Analysis tool) and Nimble. They've found that when attempting to utilize the influencer market many marketers use a model that isn't equipped properly engage with the influencer audience.

Companies that have invested in influencer marketing have faced the challenge of reconciling siloed solutions to manage their marketing programs with discovery, research, engagement and management happening in different places, making it difficult to truly nurture relationships,” said Eric Quanstrom, vice president of marketing and sales and CMO at Nimble.

Therefore, there needed to be a solution to this problem.


A More Complete Marketing Model

With this integration  Nimble will be able to transfer Traackr's influencer profile information to Nimble and through Nimble, collaborate and work on projects with colleagues by being able to share information about influencers that are being tracked. In addition, there are a few other features including:

  • Better Understanding: Influencing an Influencer is an important part of this type of meeting, so by using Traackr’s influencer identification and insights tools, along with Nimble’s relationship management tools, marketers have a more well-rounded picture of who these people are.
  • An Information Management Platform: With Nimble, users are able to see important data about an influencer, such has conversation history, email and social media history, and then use this information to engage with the influencer through messages and engagement activities, which can help improve the company and brand’s social reach.
  • Keep Notes: Users can also use make notes on how to keep and improve the relationship with an influencer, while looking at engagement data through the Traackr platform.

What makes the Nimble-Traackr duo worth considering is that now you have Traackr’s contextual influencer identification and content tracking coupled with relationship management tools that enable you to create a plan, implement that plan, document the results, and even follow-up periodically with a complete interaction history,” sad Evy Wilkins, vice president of marketing at Traackr.

Wilkins also mentioned that this integration is a first for Traackr and the company has plans to partner with other companies to improve its products and the marketing field.

Image Courtesy sommthink Shutterstock